Canadian Passport Requirements – Make sure you travel to the United States on time

Just found a lot of trips to Miami, what documents do I need to travel?

This is a common question that I present. It is important to take into account the requirements before concluding an international journey: you would hate to leave your holiday at the airport!

You will need a passport. Canadians flying to the US from January 2007 require a passport. You can still travel without a passport by car, train or bus, but in January 2008 these travelers will also have a passport. I suggest you have a passport now if you have any travel plans. Your passport must be valid for at least six (6) months after returning to Canada.

How do I get a passport and how long does it take?

It depends on the situation when, after January 2002, a Canadian passport has a new simplified procedure for obtaining a new passport. Canadian citizens who request their first passport or issued a passport before 2002 will have to submit a more complex application. If you are a Canadian resident (Landed Immigrant), you are not eligible for a Canadian passport and must follow another process.

All application forms / instructions can be found at the local post office. Be sure to look for unique situations at Passport Canada (my passport has been stolen!), Updates, and office locations for the application.


stolen or damaged passport, you may be able to take advantage of the new simplified passport application. This option is only available to those who are in Canada and are 16 years of age or older and are in Canada when issuing the previous passport.

This application allows you to skip the warranty process and to avoid identity verification and birth certificate or citizenship card. You must submit an application form, two (2) new photos, a $ 87 processing fee, and a previous passport.
Personally Required Passports can only be completed within two (2) weeks. Postage passports last at least six (6) weeks.

Standard Passport Application

For those who do not have an adult passport issued after January 31, 2002, the entire application should be used. This may be the first passport application, under 16, when your last passport was issued or stayed outside Canada.

These applications must be a guarantee, but the new rules allow almost everyone to access someone who can sign them. Many Canadian individuals have now been guaranteed through their passports. You must submit an application form, a $ 87 fee, a proof of identity (ie a driving license), two (2) photos, and an original proof of nationality.

Like a simplified application, personally requested passports can be made by post in just two (2) weeks, six (6) weeks.

What if I am a permanent resident of Canada (landed immigrant), not a citizen?

Ensure that you have a valid permanent resident (PR) Card. This is necessary to return to Canada after the trip. If you are not sure about the process of obtaining a PR card, contact an immigration expert like me or Canada's nationality and immigration.

PR cards generally last for about 6-8 weeks.

You must also have a valid passport from your country of nationality. If this passport is not up to date, contact the country's embassy or consulate in Canada. Please note that the required time, fees, and required documentation vary greatly from country to country. Some will be able to renew an existing passport on the same day, others find it takes several months and contains many supporting documents.

Depending on your passport, you may need a visa to enter the United States. The United States does not look the same as Canadian citizens and permanent residence. The US authorities will treat you as a citizen of a country holding a passport. Make sure you meet this requirement several months before you want to travel: American visas often last for weeks or months.

Common Mistakes

When submitting any type of application, they are guaranteed to be signed! Make sure you included everything that the checklist asked for the prize.
If your passport applications require you to provide proof of nationality, make sure you know where your birth certificate or nationality certificate is! Passport Canada does not accept the current Canadian passport as proof of nationality. If you need to replace your birth certificate or citizenship document, make sure you come in good time!

Be sure to read carefully Passport Canada's instructions before use.

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