Canada's Effects on American Culture

Very few countries sharing borders share the same cultural value as Canada and the United States. The most obvious cultural community between the two countries is the use of English, although many parts of Canada rely on French as the main form of communication.

But common features are much deeper than languages, and in many cases the Canadian influences on American culture are as deep as the reverse.

Too often the US is the most influential cultural trends in North America; And although it is true that Americans are often the incentives of cultural phenomena that eventually flare up a world, the Canadian effects are sometimes as consistent and far-reaching as the southern parts of their friends.

Due to the vast natural forests, wildlife and stunning geography, Canada and its citizens are sometimes led on the world stage to promote the culture of preserving and recognizing nature.

Examples of beautiful, unspoiled and unspoiled Canadian bare lands inspire many other countries, such as the United States, which try to preserve their natural resources while still demanding and expanding urban populations.

There is no doubt that the Canadians have successfully put the urban lifestyle into the wilderness in such a way that neither the beautiful natural resources nor the efficiency of their city. Canada is indeed a country that has successfully integrated the bustling cities into the beauty of the natural landscape and as such is a great motivation for other countries in the world to do the same.

The Canadians also differentiate themselves as producers of one of the world's most beautiful artists, actors, singers and performers. Many American film enthusiasts are often surprised to discover that their favorite actors and actresses are not Americans, they are Canadians.

From great comic books to award-winning dramatists, Canada's Home is home to countless performers whose style and workmanship has influenced the entertaining culture of the whole world. Canadian singers and songwriters are often all popular in America and more than a few rose to the top of the maps in both the United States and the world.

Many more American music fans are often surprised to discover that one of their most beloved artists is Canadian or have a significant Canadian influence on their work.

Too often the northern neighbors are underestimated For their contribution to world culture, entertainment, technology, art, literature, and the environment. Canadians have unique cultural traditions and can be proud of countless areas.

Source by Paul R Turner

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