Can you hire leasing agencies at Bangkok Real Estate?

Some real estate agents duplicate as renting agencies, but there are leases that do nothing else. Like real estate agents, Bangkok and Thai landlords less focus on lower-priced apartments due to smaller commissions.

Many people stay away from such agencies as they believe that the service will pay them more in the long run. This is actually a somewhat misguided idea, since cutting, commissions, call what you want is not simply added to your monthly rental fee. Although they give orders for their service, they are often at the expense of tenants, as opposed to tenants. Let me explain it further.

Often a private owner, especially an inexperienced, tries to rent the property using his own resources to save agency fees. It is often too ambitious for rent. For a few months after a misfortune, he reluctantly looks for rental agency services to see if they can do better. Here often you are informed that you need to spend a few thousand Baht with a little fresh paint, wash the mold from the bathroom, get rid of sticky or broken furniture, fix the broken window, and pull up a little bleach in the toilet , before showing people, etc.

They can also inform you about this type of property at the top. The greedy landlord can point out that you can not afford to let it be cheaper. The agent can respond to this by highlighting the amount of months that have been vacant in vacant space and if he does not do something soon, he can remain in this empty state of immediacy.

The plan is ready, the agent takes over the management of his apartment and the property will soon reappear on the market cleaner, smarter and cheaper than before.

Like Real Estate Agencies, there is a small portion of good rental agencies, and you should definitely be advised. Apart from personal recommendations, there is no easy answer. In summary, the leasing agency is acting on behalf of landlords, not as a tenant. In most cases, the landlord pays. There are also different rental agencies. Some people only find tenants for real estate (sometimes for accommodation agencies). Others owners are handled by the owners and tenants will never be in direct contact with the landlord.

First Tip: When you are privately resold, either as a realtor or a private owner, never be afraid to negotiate the price. Prepare to go and surprise the available concessions.

Second Tip: If you absolutely want the property you're looking at and is ok with the price you're asking, do not push the above because you can lose someone as enthusiastic as you are.

Good luck.

Source by Andy Maingam

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