Camping beds 101 – Advantages and disadvantages

Not for bed or bed linen? This is the question. What's the answer? Like many things, the answer … it depends! Here we will consider the benefits and disadvantages of the camping bed to see if it is for you.

For the past 30 years I've been an avid caravan and I've done all kinds of camping. Sometimes I want a grid, and sometimes I do not. Here's why!


There are plenty of benefits to getting a crib. The most advantageous is that it will descend from the ground and give comfort. We taught one of our first scouts. It's very important to have something between you and the ground when you sleep. Not just dirt and bugs, but mostly temperature. When you sleep, the temperature drops, and the cool night air. It's vital to have something between you and the land when you're camping. Now, if you are looking for warmth, the blanket / pad is the best thing between you and the ground. Believe it or not, the body actually warms up the pillow and blanket and helps keep warm nights. However, if you do not camp at the cold temperatures, you will do a crib.

Baby beds also add a lot of comfort. When I was 20 I could sleep anywhere. Now that I'm a little older, I'm sleeping on a hard surface. So a crib will make sleep more comfortable.

Nowadays, baby beds are very strong, light and compact. They are not like the old days where they were extremely bulky and often difficult. Nowadays camping equipment can be used to pack a bed that weighs only 8 pounds and can do it anywhere.

To this day we have mentioned that many beds are light and compact, but not all of them. Some are still big or heavy. Over the years I have learned that too much stuff is being brought when the campsite is just a problem and it is necessary. Camps can be much less enjoyable, which is very effective. I apply the 80/20 rule for camping. He says that 20% of the camping equipment is used for 80% of the camping. If it does not fit into 20%, it is unnecessary. If you are backpacking, then bring the cot can be a hassle. When the backpack is less than the less.

Finally, this really depends on what kind of camping the camp is doing and what they want from their experiences. I'm willing to add 8 pounds. Every campsite I'm doing because I sleep on a hard surface is no longer comfortable for me. I Toss All Night And I Turn

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