Cambodia to Thailand A Great Adventure Over The Rainy Season

Most scientists, unless they are seeking spiritual awakening, do not try to attempt a seemingly impossible journey on Earth from Sihanoukville, Cambodia to Bangkok-Thailand. rainy season. Instead, the speed boat takes up, lovingly calls vomiting comets on lumpy days because it is faster and usually less adventurous. The boat would be a choice of my trip, but I should have done a reliably small 5th typhoon-driven central Vietnam to get a scheduled flight from Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi airport. Typhuses usually produce double whammy, as the rivers will surely rise, and I will have to retreat to Phnom Penh and fly to Bangkok.

This trip started with a great promise, the sun was resting and only a special special came with 15 minutes late. I felt that the travel spirits were on our side, with a big smile on my face, up to the city limits of Sihanoukville, where all the drivers were sitting on our side of the road and laughing arrogantly. A few minutes later, I noticed a donor pilot who desperately warned us to pull over to discover the best bald rubber, everything was ready!

Since the journey started so early and was a diligent traveler, I decided to have breakfast and I invented a convenient paving car, just 10 meters from the van. I ordered some coffee, so it was not, so I got the special rice paddy, which was just a coincidence, to your luck. I started rubbing to beat the F1 pit crew. Being optimistic, I was hoping to go on a long journey to the next stop; I bought this fine road attraction, which was a natural wonder, a treat in a dirty bog that is next to a full pork pen, and the refugees happily chewed on my tremendous efforts. Undoubtedly, spiders dripping pits and trees will also enjoy the show. No problem here, long lines await girls who hang out with makeup.

Who is going to go again, there is no time or tire to get rid of, we turn off the paved road and the big back. The road starts in a fairly good state, with only a few moons to the first 10 meters, and then we begin to reach rough things. Suddenly, our van took the trip first, as the underlying parts are constantly falling off the improvised handles that they have to keep. So frequent stops are used to apply a mixture of ribbon wires and witches to keep rolling on the road.

Our first river intersection is made with home-made compacts that bring a sentimental tear in front of a crazy scientist who goes back and forth across the brown dove. The sight was so spectacular that one of our passengers got tired and caressed the head to the drum. The girl who was hanging on her eyes immediately set up her boyfriend who started kissing the French and entered the sexy duck and started cheap sex with the chest in the parody of the CPR. I trained that sort of thing, watched it breathe and remarked that they should consider abandoning their chest before exploding or hiding from their service or receiving a hotel room as they embarrassed locals who were not very accustomed to the audience, the strange Western habits of their ferry riders in the middle of the day, but teenage boys were also interested in this activity who were ready for queuing, money and chicken.

Through the river and through the woods, we go to the troughs! Where the first spa treatments start, where payers get a first-class mud bath that pushes our very stuck van back and forth with different colored dragons and boulders flying everywhere. After just 10 minutes, we get the van in the right direction. Like a cellphone 2 Woodstock, we get a variety of topics for the next 4 hours, we get stuck on the hills, fall into the hills, get caught up around cars and vans, and get caught up in the construction teams that made the sludge even deeper and made a serious attempt to to make the Guinness Book of Records again for the bigger, man-made adventure!

Wonderfully just 3 hours later than we said, we arrive at the border as an extra hope that the Lord of the Flies has been terribly wrong. Thai customs officers point out the version of the 4-hour follies and laugh as when we started the journey. You have to love the laughter value of such a Cambodian adventure, or you prefer a cheap flight.

Source by Fred Tittle

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