Cambodia – Strengths and Weaknesses

Cambodia had no hotbed of activity as its neighbors for nearly half a millennium. Recognizing her weakness and her job to become a major tourist destination to help her people out of poverty, the country has taken great steps to improve cities and comfort. As the largest industries in the Cambodian economy are the construction industry, tourism, investment and commodity trade. Cambodia continues to improve its security and international relations.

Cambodia is a member of a political organization such as the United Nations and the World Bank. It will continue to improve the political side of their government by building diplomatic relations with a number of countries, organizing 20 embassies throughout the country. There are still border disputes between the country and its neighbors, which occasionally arise. The biggest violence appears to be on the border between Thailand and Cambodia, where recently, in April 2009, the place where the physical border lay lies. Both countries mobilized their troops and 2 Thai soldiers fell due to the incident. One of Cambodia's strengths was the rapidly growing economic growth. But the general economic situation is still low on its neighbors in other parts of Southeast Asia. This also "decreases" and allowed the average wage per capita to rise. Cambodia still has a large population in poverty. One of the biggest positive economic contributions in addition to increased tourism was the reintroduction of more than 750 varieties of rice from the Philippine Philippine International Rice Research Institute. Another economic weakness and the other weakness affecting the situation in Cambodia is that many older generations lack education. While education and reading and writing are constantly increasing among young people, older citizens are still behind time. The strength of Cambodia is due to modern culture, modern globalization and a mixture of different religions. The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts is a great asset to the promotion and development of the Cambodian culture. Another thing that affects Cambodia is the impact of civil war on humans. The median age was only 20.1 and UNICEF made the country the third largest mine in the country. Cambodia is growing but will take time to help you fully recover from your current state.

Source by Sebastian Harley

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