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When thinking about investing foreign property for investment purposes, the British have always and primarily been regarded as Spain and France. Recently, the EU joined Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Croatia and on 1 January 2007. Romania seems to be a viable alternative and alternative now. For some pioneering Americans, Eastern Europe is a good choice for affordable properties, offering low-cost and comfortable living standards. Furthermore, the majority of Eastern European blocs and emerging economies in the real estate market are active and working hard to attract foreign investment.

More and more US citizens choose north to Canada where real estate is cheaper, taxation may be lower, health care is much cheaper and living standards are as high as in America. Countries such as Mexico, Panama and Belize are less costly locations for US citizens looking for affordable overseas locations. Life, property and taxation are all low. However, the most important aspect is the availability and availability of healthcare, as well as the necessary care and care, making each of these countries unsuccessful in one or other way. In addition, younger Americans are struggling to find a decent employment or education for their children in Mexico, Panama, or Belize.

The British have always been obsessed with, and "an Englishman in his castle" is truer. In the United Kingdom, because of the cost of home dwellings, the most widespread buyers and first-time buyers are constantly struggling to buy real estate when investors are rooted in more and more affordable countries early in the early twenties. As always, though, anyone who is considering these sites is advised to do so sooner than later.

January January, Sofia Echo reported that developers worked on a whole apartment and villa complex in smaller and less popular regions, such projects. Investors seem to have been more interested in a new home near a larger city, rather than renovating an old house. as a result of continuous improvement, the price of real estate markets remained almost unchanged in 2006. In some regions, real estate prices have also declined. Varna region registered a 15% drop in prices. The square meter average price in the region is reduced from 600 to 510 euros. The supply also reduced the price of real estate in Burgas.

With the appearance of low-cost flights this has further heightened the idea of ​​a sunny dream home. However, accessibility is directly geared to sustainable investment potential. Thailand is about 10,000 miles from the United States and about 6,000 miles from the UK, about 21 hours and 11 hours. Perhaps not suitable for the masses and is limited and can select the presence of the ex-pat. Thailand has three major seasons per year. The northern climatic conditions are preferred throughout Thais, the coolest and the most comfortable. Usually, the northern temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than the rest of the country, Chiang Mai City is a favorite place and the climate is perfect for visitors. Cool mountain air and sunny days ensure that this Shangri-la setting will continue to like for years. The northern difference differs in the rainy season and the constant precipitation is rather rare. Usually, it lasts between 30 minutes and one hour with sunshine, once or twice a day, and will soon dry after the day. Then the area remains fresh and cool. The average temperature throughout the year is about 26 degrees

Chiang Mai has a significant foreign community, and some numbers make the "farangs" or the number of Westerners to 5000. Chiang Mai is a big part of what Bangkok does not. Instead of the flatlands of the Maenam valley, a line of forested hills spread north to Burma. Mountain tribes in mountain costumes are common landmarks that run their handicrafts around the night market. Since Bangkok does not have a strong city center, Chiang Mai is clearly defined by a ditch.

Chiang Mai is certainly easier to negotiate than Bangkok. Walking, cycling and motorbiking are a realistic alternative to driving. Or, if you like, the tuk-tuks is abundant. A relatively well-organized songtaews (pickup trucks, benches and canopies) lead a sort of shared service around the larger Chiang Mai area. Some can also be rented as a taxi. Chiang Mai stands on the banks of the Maenam Ping River, and there are many good restaurants along the banks.

Great emphasis is also placed on healthcare and Chiang Mai has several quality hospitals, including Chiang Mai Ram, Chiang Mai University and McCormack Hospital. In addition to the presence of US and UK consulates. ATMs can be found everywhere and currency exchanges are common. Interest on fixed deposit accounts can be taxed 15% and banks will be charged.

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