Buying a Travel Trailer – Advantages and Disadvantages of New and Used Trailers

Thinking about Buying a Travel Trailer?

* Wanting a new or used trailer

* Buying or financing cash?


* When a fifth wheel, toy carrier or language boat trailer arrives?

* What kind of manufacturer are you interested in?

* is the floor plan best suited to your needs?

If indefinite, you should start by taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of used and new purchases. Take your time to buy a travel trailer.

Buying a Used Traveling Trailer

* More Blows for Buck. The used trailer is longer than a new trailer. The used trailer is the way to save money or if you do not want to pay for 10 years. A used 252 could get all the bells and whistles that are cheaper than the NEW 202 simple jane travel trailer.

* Research. Visit the Travel Trailer Forums and read about what owners say about certain travel trailers, both good and bad, which can save a lot of future headaches. Keep in mind that the majority of newly purchased trailers rarely see camping activities, place large trailers or containers, or park people in houses. It is uncommon for a used trailer to be presented in the showroom, even older travel trailers from the 70s are in excellent condition.

* Used travel trailers have value! If you get a good quality action on your used travel trailer and decide to sell it a few years later, you have a great chance of paying back all your money.


* Possible Problems. Buying a used trailer is a bit of a gambling, with minor problems or serious problems, and if you are lucky – there is no problem with the trailer. In most cases, the warranty has expired for a long time, so costs are excluded from your pocket. Do your homework, so the problem won't be surprising.

* Elbow Fat. You need to give the new used trailer a good cleaning, no matter what condition it is.

* Less choice of ideal floor plans. Floor plans are limited at the time of sale.

Purchase Time for a New Travel Trailer

* Beautiful and Champagne. It's new, fresh and all!

* Warranty. In case of problems, the trailer must be returned to the dealer and repaired for free!

* Maintenance-free. To buy new tires, new batteries or any other parts for at least one year or until the warranty expires, don't worry.

* Floor plans.

Advice on Buying a New Travel Trailer

* New trailers are quickly devalued. A new travel trailer loses its value at the moment it pulls out the dealers. If you financed it with little or no money, "you will be back" because the trailer is worth more for years! If you have to sell your travel trailer, you are likely to pay more than you should and be ready for the cash difference

* The cost. If you are on a budget, you will almost certainly not want to receive monthly payments on a travel trailer for the next 10 years, which you use for up to 8 months of the year. Do math and find out how much each camping trip will cost each year, only in monthly payments. Alas! If your payment is $ 350 a month x 12 months = $ 4,200. $ 4,200 can buy a fantastic used trailer and you won't be paid!

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