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The fun spot gives you lots of information on the latest news, celebrities, new music, watching movies, fashion trends, and more importantly about personality development. Today, I will write four things that reduce human performance and productivity.

There are four things to stop because we highlight how we reduce our productivity and negatively affect our relationships and our personal lives:

1. The delay is to avoid the task that needs to be implemented later. Sometimes the delay takes place before the deadline expires. There is this feeling that "there is still time", "I can do it later", etc. Pregnancy makes things easier, thus increasing the chances of mistakes, because you are doing them at the last minute and growing pressure. The delay can lead to feelings of guilt, insufficiency, depression and self-consciousness. Is it always late? Or you seem to do things when it's almost over or you're still bad, if you have enough time to make good performance then make sure you postpone it, fight it today if you do it all, "Is it better before?"

2. Laziness: Laziness is called indolent; it is more a habit than mental health. This reflects the lack of self-esteem, lack of discipline due to low self-confidence or lack of interest in activity or belief. Sometimes you get that feeling if you have a lot of work, but you feel tired not because you are sick because you have a negative feeling of work or you feel that work is not worth the best. Laziness may occur as a delay. Do not forget: "Everything worth doing is well worth doing.

3. Distraction: Distraction: a process that removes individual attention from the desired focus area and thus blocks or reduces the reception of the desired information Lack of awareness, lack of interest in attention or the greater intensity of attention We are all victims of distraction in the 21st century, with technology advances, increased phones, social media, laptops, computer games, video games, etc. Students are nowadays difficult to concentrate on the classroom, workers are not able to concentrate on their workplace, so both their performance and productivity are useful in treating pain and anxiety, we still have to learn how to focus when we say. Remember this Beth Moore "If I Destroy It Beth Moore

4. Workaholism (Workaholic): A workaholic is a person who is forced to work. A working-class man is one who works too hard and in long hours. Although this term means that a person enjoys his work, he also means that he simply is forced to do so. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, there may be people who work hard and have difficulty working. You may be surprised that there are people who like to work better than anything, yes. There are, even if you like to love work, but everyone has a limit.

While we're looking for money, you have to spend some time relaxing and having a family like a parent, it's bad that there is no time for your spouse and children, does not make them parental love that can cause bad habits like a drug repetition and increase the chances of being violent.

As we know, too much is wrong. The workaholism has a number of effects that include: Deep-related health problems, empathic loss and the negative impact of relationships that trigger (mentally exhausted) and result in fatigue, thereby reducing performance in work and love. As they say, "Everything works and does not play Jack boring boy, All games, and no job makes Jack a sheer game."

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