Buddhist Monks in Thailand

Here in Thailand, it is a tradition for men to marry three months before marriage, but some have taken their careers and are only one or two weeks away.

Buddhist Culture

Most people in Southeast Asia have great respect for their parents and elderly people, who die in Western culture.

In addition, the Thai people really respect Buddhist monks because they live a simple life and practice the teachings of the Buddha. Another reason monks are so respectful is that their meditation practice can lead to enlightenment, which is considered to be the highest performance of everyone.


Buddhists believe in the concept of karma, which in short means that any good action will have a good future in the future, while all wrong action will live badly on fruit .

So one of the most beautiful things in Buddhist culture is to sponsor a monk, which means that they offer a dress, alms and other needs – this is usually the parents. The good karma of such sponsorship is incredibly large.

Men become monks for various reasons, but only a minority of Thai monks show real interest in the teachings of the Buddha. Most of them are dedicated to their parents.

Buddhist Monk

The monks turned to alms after sunrise. This is not a prayer for Buddhist countries, but rather for the community to offer meals to decent monks.

Food is thought to be a very good karma for monks.

The monks usually sing Buddhist scriptures 3-4 times a day, spend time learning and meditating. Life in a monastery is truly monotonous, with the same timetable and food almost every day. They can sing atlery and other religious rituals a few times a month.

When I was a younger monk in Thailand, every afternoon we left the temple spaces, which is a meditation in itself. If you are interested in meditation, the monasteries provide a lot of inspiration and support.

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