Bourgeois journalism has many advantages

Civil journalism collects, reports, analyzes and disseminates news and information about people, especially in social media.

This is not my definition but the Wikipedia

As we all know, our world is now a global village. Therefore, all journalists or citizen journalists use online platforms to tell the whole world what is happening to us. The educated journalists now rely on community media and citizen journalists to get tips on what is happening in the world

These tips are downloaded and then processed and returned by journalistic ethics among the same members of the public. The truth is that hard copies of newspapers and magazines are not sold today. Online media platforms, blogs, forums, libraries and community media have taken over. This is good for humanity.

A citizen journalist can gain a livelihood for gathering and forwarding information, photos, tips, and events for published newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and forums. This may or may be

But because a bourgeois reporter who helps the news, the good, the bad or the ugly spreads, passes our world. many people can enjoy one or another method of traditional or social media.

These people may be researchers, security experts, housewives, business people, bankers, journalists, trainers, online marketers, motivational speakers, athletes and women,

Everyone needs the right information at any time to make informed opinions and decisions. And the media will help us here.

Because educated journalists can not be everywhere at a time, aspiring to civic journalists to inform, educate, and entertain the public can be very useful.

But social media is not currently regulated. Therefore, the information published in the social media will not be processed. This is where our world leader is.

In addition to monetary benefits, citizen journalists also experience the sense of accomplishment if they know their contributions help shape the world in order to make room better. It is immortal and exceeds the money.

I find it very profound that over time, social media will contract and be able to control itself.

A citizen reporter has a lot and there are no limits as to how much money could be passed on tips, information, and photos about the media books, websites, blogs, and forums for possible publications

Source by Emmanuel Udom

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