Blogging syndication and Pinterest Marketing Exposed

Businesses and individuals are excited about the open gaming experience in blogging and Pinter's services. Marketing trends in social media suggest that this is a major traffic-generating method for large and small businesses.

Why not on the market here? This social media giant is more well-founded than larger search engines. If you are running a blog; Read your reading and explore why you should consider doing business on this pinning phenomenon.

Why does Pinterest market?

This visually emerging social network does not only grow from day to day, its membership spills 20 million users. This result allows them to ask one of the world's 3 most important social networks. Users spend an average of 15 minutes per day. Credit: copyblogger [dot] com

Are you good for marketing?

What does it mean for you? Well, pinterest is an online bulletin board that can include people, businesses, photos, videos, blog posts, contests, infographics and more! That's cute if you do not have a million dollar marketing costs.

With Pinterest, you can take advantage of your popularity by directing your referral traffic to your site, blog, YouTube channel, or ezine article.

Why are you investing in Pinterest?

Do not be fooled by the stupid task of recording photos and videos. The picture is worth a million words, and the videos typically last forever. Only in 2012 will Pinterest spend more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, and YouTube – combined!

I took into account industry leaders who generate wealth through business models and systems; They hate this Pinterest poultry. So I decided to look at it closely. First, because of popularity, there are 3 reasons why you should share your blog with Pinter.

3 main reasons for intelligent marketers Love Pinterest Pinning?

  • High page and domain authority (SEO nerds)
  • ZERO stress subscription process with minimal promotional restrictions

  • Do you think pinging is vital to bloggers?

    Niche blogging is huge. In fact, this is a super-niche! Bloggers are very difficult to generate content traffic. After that, you can redeem your traffic with services, products, or both. Ecological search traffic is the primary source of traffic if you do not know how effective social media is.

    Most bloggers have a thorough knowledge of how SEO works. On the page, the off page page and the importance of back links. New Google updates, such as Panda and Hummingbird; The SEO world taught just a year ago is completely obsolete.

    Let me tell you my story. Before Google last updated, I lost 90% of all my traffic. Which is mainly from Google search. With my turnover disappearing, my earnings decreased.

    My earnings fell because they depend on traffic, just like any other business. After I introduced this traffic, I use little-known psychology to turn traffic into a leader or potential customer.

    Next, there are a number of automated sales. So I had to adapt to the loss of traffic. That's why I started selling my business to "Pinterest" and other community bookmarking networks that serve as the first level Web site. Later I will explain more about building Google security links without penalties.

    Now I want you to understand that Pinterest is golden in Google's eyes. Do you want my formula to place search engines in an instant ranking?

    You're in it! Grab something you can write: After you post new content to your personal blog, EzineArticles or any page that receives the money. By the way, this SEO geeks are referred to (Money Site).

    After posting this article, will use social media for syndication Link building. This social media layer will be your 1st level website. It serves as a buffer space for creating links. If my author account does not include the most important social networks. Google it!

    Semi-Automated Marketing Tools and Software

    Bio and Image. Do not forget Pinterest . After you post your blog post. Use simple software such as singlewire or hootsuite to blast at the same time. You can also go to the fiverr [dot] com site and look for social bookmarks to find someone who will do it for $ 5.

    You now know how to start the backlink profile with social media. Wait until I tell you what you can do about Level 2 and Level 3 links to explore blog posts on the moon!

    Pinterest Marketing alone with no tied-know-how, can lead to more traffic and sales by market research by Quancast [dot] com. Which site is where you can get demographics, which is essential for targeted marketing.

    The Closing Pinterest Marketing is more complex and stronger than you know. Give me the EzineArticles to first know when I come out of the second volume how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool!

    Source by Wendhell ​​J Freeman

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