Blogging destroys the online business

Is blogging "hot"? And yet there are so many online businesses that are ruined by the blog.

You are reading any article on which web site or forum you visit, read or hear about the benefits of creating a blog and its advantages over using traditional static websites.

And I have to tell you, "I'm one of the supporters!"

But what I see too often, bloggers sabotage online thinking about thinking about blogs and blogs. I think I think there is a general consensus among internet marketers that if something cheap is said to be easier, then it does not have to be "worked". And then the other side of the coin is that if I'm "paying thousands of dollars for my site to recover, then the" operation "is definitely in it."

So whether people have passed through a simple blog or hundreds, if not spending thousands of dollars to build every singing and dance blog, they feel they can sell very little, but later to be surprised and disappointed that no one is visiting a blog, no one is signing up for newsletters or blog posts and nobody purchases their products or services or clicks on AdSense ads.

But this is not all fate and darkness … The great thing about blog marketing is that by linking some solid business principles and some marketing strategies, you can get back to traffic so you can get more traffic, build your list, you can sell products and attract more customers, and this can take place in a relatively short time.

Here are 1 principles and 3 easy strategies to apply to your blog marketing and promotional efforts that are starting to market and build your readers for weeks, if not days …

Here's the principle:

"You have to start thinking about online business building and not blogging."

If you think this is where you stand.

If you're thinking of a business, you will be attracted to business ideas that help to promote and market your blog and attract RIGHT customers.

What you want to avoid is the "form above the material" trapped. In other words, the strategies used must be grounded and grounded and the writer claims that if you try to apply a method but ignore principles you will surely be in trouble

So, let us cover the principle of business construction according to "thinking" put the 3 strategies that help you accept the principle and earn money with your blog:

Topic your blog. Not all things can be all people, because you will not serve anyone. So the first thing you need to do is decide what "your blog" will say, "who" will help you and ask yourself why "people need your information."

narrow down the gap before you start spending the most expensive time to write elevator talk and think about the perfect strap.

What you need to do now, go to your blog admin page and, as of WordPress, I'll use this as an example … you need to make sure that your blog ] "Blog Title" and "Tagline" reflect what your blog is.

And make sure to include ALL in the general keyword or keyword of your site. So, if your blog is about dog training, but the domain name is (a complex name), without blomenevening using a domain name with so many bloggers, then "Dog Training With Crufts" or something creative that captures the reader's eyes , but it also attracts search engine spiders.

Now that search engines are coming to blog, this is the first thing they will see … an address that reflects keywords or phrases that require online searches.

2) Enter regular "quality" blog posts and make sure you have activated Pinging or Update Services on the blog admin interface

This is where many blogger pops up. They want a blog but within two months I just want to get a blog post because they just have no time for the blog … and believe me, I fell in the same trap. But when you understand how blogs work, I think it helps to understand how important it is to update your blog regularly.

A quick overview of how blogs work, I think if you do not have time for a blog – especially if your blog is your main marketing tool – then you essentially say that you do not have the time for your blog to build your business.

3) Comment on other people's blogs.

It takes only a few minutes to comment on other people's blog posts, write something, and not just "big article … thank you!"

If you've added something, people click on the link and get to your blog, and in some cases you get links to your blog that Google likes. And you never know that you can only get a few new customers from this relatively simple exercise.

With the implementation of simple strategies and business building, you no longer have to let your blog ruin your online business.

You will notice a significant difference in your blogs' traffic over days, weeks, and months, which will then be in a good position to be able to monetize your blogging.

Source by Trish A Jones

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