Blogger – Your blog survives the recession?

Blogging is fun and profitable; this is a great way to generate revenue. But does your blog survive the recession? See three ways to help you keep your blog on recession.

1. Creating Content – Getting More Content Better

Any blog remains alive – recession or not – with great content. A blog with great content will always get traffic and if you have traffic, you can win money in many ways.

Increase the amount of content created daily. The latest blogs usually contain ten new entries per day. If you are not a full-time blogger, you will not be able to reach this level for content generation. However, you should strive for at least one new entry every day.

2. Find ways to retrieve blogs: online advertising is published

Online advertising revenue is increasing. This means that advertisers spend more advertising dollars online. Make sure your blog gets a share of your income.

There are many ways to sell your ads on your site.

Here's a tip: Find ways to sell your ads directly to businesses.

Think about your local sites. Would they be useful for advertising on the blog? If you think they want, go to see them. Personal touch can distinguish everything.

3. Support, Support, Promotion!

Most blogs create a certain traffic level without any promotion at all. If you have organized traffic to attract traffic to your blog, you will notice that it will not be enough. It's time to look for new ways to promote your blog. If you have money to invest in your blog, you advertise. You can use Pay Per Click, advertise on other blogs, or use ads.

Banner advertising was not favored for a while, but again. The banner ad on the popular site provides a link to your blog. You may also be introduced to your blog from people who don't find you in any other way.

Your blog will not only survive the recession, but will also flourish if you follow the three tips above.

Source by Angela Booth

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