Bhutan Tours: Discover a Hidden Paradise

Few before the generation, Bhutan tours did not exist. This is because Bhutan is a nation that is proud of its traditions and has the same willingness to communicate with the outside world as its powerful neighbor with China. However, since 1974, international visitors can enter the nation and see their beauty with their own eyes. Now that the flood gate is well and truly open, tens of thousands of tourists visit each year, this number is growing rapidly. Still, many climate nations, so when is the best time of year to go to Bhutan tours?

Knowledge of the climate

When visiting Mediterranean hotspots, climate is very important. In designing the Bhutan tours, it is arguably more critical that there is a difference between climate and temperature between the Bhutan seasons and the various areas of the nation. For example, in january Bhutan, in the southern part of Bhutan, it welcomes guests with a pleasant, temperate climate, with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and a relatively low precipitation. By contrast, the northern part of the country at the same time where snow is so difficult that the roads are often locked. This means you may be stuck in the Bhutan area where you have no access to the airport.

Here comes the rain!

While citizens of Western citizens complain bitterly about the amount of rain, the Bhutanese are also born during the monsoon season, where 1000 millimeters of water falls on the eastern hills a month. Even the hottest winter in places like the United Kingdom and Australia resembles smaller discomforts. The monsoon season traditionally finds in June and July, which explains why it is cheaper to travel to Bhutan this season. In most cases, a 20% discount is expected compared to the peak times, which usually take place from November to January. It is worth noting that Paro Airport is known to abandon flights this season due to poor visibility, so consider this during the monsoon period.

Winter Content

While autumn is the most common time for bhutanese tours, in winter there is a beauty and tranquility that is not always offered in the fall. While the northern part of the country is impossible at this time, the southern tropical paradise resembles. As you stay in Bhutan beyond the traditional farewell season, you can explore this wonderful nation without having to compete for hiking trails. The sooner you take advantage of this quiet period, the better, because it only has time for a "big season". December, January and February.

Whether you are trekking or sightseeing in Bhutan, everyone has something in the country. This is another side of life that you will never see elsewhere to fly to Bhutan and relax as another world works around you.

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