Belly Option From the I-formation

The I-formation resisted the time trial. I was first promoted in the dormitory game, but it was widely used in high school games as well. Although the mainstream of the I-formation is old power or big-game, this form is quite versatile to lend to other programs and series. We used this form almost exclusively for over twenty years in high school, and we had great success with it. It's easy to learn and easy to train, fits well with what we wanted.

We wanted to start I and after we talked to more coaches whose programs were admired, he thought of athletes. A certain series, our bread and butter, was the thumb-option series. This "40" series was called. The 40 series consisted of about four or five pieces that could be directed against any defenses. Let's take a look at some of our games

Our first and best games were the full back belly. We called 44 abdomen For us the belly signaled what type of block line blocking would be at the point of attack. Our abdominal block had to run to its close end, and it was simply an external trap or a "G" scheme as some call it. TE and playide tackle block while the playide guard pulls and comes out. The backside linemen plays a playide step and executes a cut block. The QB reverses as it gains depth and places the ball in the stomach of the FB. We wanted to have a good hip with a pony ride with FB. After handing over the ball to the FB, QB continued with his option while attacking the margin with a good option. The FB made a side playide step and aimed at the outside hips of the battle when he took over the switch. The retraction (or run) started flat and parallel with the scrimmage line and carefully maintained the good connection distance with QB. He coined the QB with a good option forged. We liked a smaller, faster FB who read the abdomen, cut and explode on the seam.

It was the second part of our series: Everything remained the same as the FB's belly, except this time the QB held the ball and followed the FB into the hole using lead blocker. It's like a power belly game.

The third part of our series was [48459004] 48 belts . Again everything remains, but now, after a good fake, the FB, the QB, will pull the ball from the FB's belly and attack its defensive edge. The QB had the opportunity to hold the ball and cut it up or cut it to the TB if no opening was made. In all three games, the TB takes the course and launches its option path. At run 48 we did not always have tumors; Sometimes our base was blocked or ran with TE. Veer meant that TE did not block LOS, but performs an arc block from the outside, releasing the defensive end. 19449003] 48 stomachs, 48 ​​bases, or 48 sails

The four-game play of the series was [step 44 Again in the 40 series They did the same thing as the 40s, but this time, after the good counterfeit of FB, QB quickly retreated to gain a depth for a forward. The rear-wide receiver took a stand, while the playide wide receiver was on the road. Our favorite target, the TE, led to a 10-15-yard deep corner path. The better our belly is, the better this game has been opened.

This series became the backbone of our crime and provided us with an identity we knew about. More great ideas and more free football videos on

Source by Luke O. Grant

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