Bed Bugs The hotel is not your biggest problem

The hospitality industry has been hit several times in recent years. Starting with 911 and SARS and Avian Flu Alerts and Over the Last 5 Years, Bed Bugs. Without trying to protect hotel providers, you have to break. Most hotel / motel owners try to provide a satisfactory service according to the rates they charge. You will not find a silk sheet and marble bathroom for $ 75 per night, but you have to wait for a clean, comfortable room.

For reasoning let's just let most hotel operators check their rooms and handle the infections they find. So how can you make so many complaints and litigation against these miniature vampires?

Inflammatory news reports never attack the victim once or twice, always a lot of bite. Many bites are caused by many bed bugs. Many bed bugs are not just magically displayed in the hotel room, An infection takes time to evolve. They are boaters, luggage or belongings and travel from one place to another. Remember, we are not talking about one or two mistakes, or ten or one hundred. So if there are some bugs in a hotel room, then the previous guest could have been transported and it is almost impossible to prevent it. But if a hotel has an infection, there are a lot of mistakes, then this bug in the hotel is inadequate control and treatment. The only explanation for an infected room would be the hotel's careless prevention and treatment.

Now the essence of the article.

If a hotel has an infection, which means:

– previous guests did not notice the bugs or did not feel the bites, which is possible not all people feel or Respond to bites.

– the household has not looked at or seen the problem.

– the head of cleaning who regularly reviews the work done by his staff did not investigate or see any errors.

– the laundry did not detect any signs, brown spots of dried blood, bugs.

– this hotel does not have a compensation company to payroll, at least the one who works well.

– and this is great if the hotel staff and the laundry did not find or do not disturb the treatment of the pelvic floor, what's wrong with the sheets or the room that brings them to illness?

There is currently no evidence that cimex lectularius is able to transmit one of the 28 pathogens for which they have been found. Now I'm saying bed bugs have been a problem lately. Scientists only get to know their biology. Why can not they transplant diseases or know, but we have not found any evidence yet? But MSRA and E. coli are harmful and found in many study rooms in many hotel rooms. So far, viruses and bacteria hurt much more than their own, but bugs reach all the press. Why? Because we can see the sick people. If you wake red spots on your entire body, then you'll find bedding, the case is closed. But if you get diarrhea or flu when you are traveling, how to get back to bed, towel or TV remote in the hotel room.

Bed bugs are not the only parasite found in Hotel Beds. The bitterness of the crunch is so small that it can not be seen without enlargement. Contrary to bed diseases, scabies are the most important health problem when you bind them.

Unfortunately, this outbreak of illness has been monopolized against monopoly and hotel budgets. Every time you read that some retail store infected with bedbugging, it's probably not true. Some mistakes have been found and the place is handled, simple. But bed bugs are really a problem in the hospitality industry. Hotels spend millions of people on pest control due to a problem that can be tackled more efficiently with education, strict control, and concentrated treatment. However, proper control means qualified staff, which means higher wages, which means lower lower queues. It is cheaper to hire a company to spray and argue on this basis.

Here's another question to answer. How much pesticide you are exposed to when you are in a hotel that you are planning or treated for parasites? A few months ago, a pest control company in New Jersey was illegally fined for poisonous pesticides authorized for indoor use. Hotels are required to notify guests if they use pesticides in hotel rooms or rooms. You have a desk that has ever told you that the room you are going to search for has recently been treated with piretroids that go to the most infected pesticides. And while we ask what kind of bleach and detergent are used to wash linen and what kind of chemical cleansers are used in the room and in the bathroom.

For the average traveler, hundreds of chemical pesticides or detergents do not settle or cause stinging, rash or itching. He left it as nothing, the traveler goes in the fun way, so there is no second thought. Perhaps this will affect your health later on, perhaps cumulative, or you may not have an adverse effect at all. For people with chemical sensitivity this is another story. Have you wondered why there is itchy skin after being in a motel on a road or why suddenly there is a nose pummel? 19459002

Some people say, Home, why are you worried about things you can not control. When I cross the street I look in both directions. When you throw your kids in the hotel bed, you look both ways. Dark trust or ignorance is not the way. I never thought I would not travel, but as I travel with travel insurance, I educate myself and take precautions to ensure a healthy, happy trip.

Do not be shy, or treatments in your room. Check the room and mattress for signs of past or present interventions. Wipe the surfaces and things to be touched with anti-bacterial wipes. Use or carry a sleeping bag or travel bag only if you need it. A number of articles are available to learn about exploring and protecting parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Source by Jeff Solomon

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