Be a Cheater – Should You Travel?

Every strike in the city tells us that the summers are slowly known. It is unavoidable that conversations in the locker room are starting to turn around to go to another city. I'm sure you heard or participated in one of these conversations:

Barbie: This club sucks. I'm going to Vegas. I heard Suzie moved to Vegas and worked great every night.

Brandi: Yeah, I talked to Suzy, but I heard that she had just made a great night and the other two nights hardly got her home. Vegas is so over-sized. But I heard Dallas was the new hot spot, lots of guys who had to pay oil.

Sapphire: I go to Vegas to have fun and work a few nights as long as I pay for my trip.

Barbie: I have two kids if I go anywhere, you have to make more money than here after I pay my hotel ticket.

Brandi: I've read on the Internet that in Alaska are tons of guys and not hot girls, maybe you should go there!

Sapphire: Do I have other things to do in Alaska outside of work? Brandi: I've heard about that A booking company that will pay for the hotel and flight ticket, but will send them to the places out of nowhere. Sometimes I am curious that even travel expenses are worth it!

There are three bells, three different viewpoints. Whether or not the travel cost is worth it depends entirely on it. You have the advantages and disadvantages of traveling, be sure to consider them before packing your bags.

If lucrative as Barbie, notice that travel is not the best solution. Despite Vegas striking the striped club jackpot, the clubs are full of girls. The overall cost of travel also means more for hotels and flights; You also need money for the cabling fee or rented car as well as for food / drinks. Las Vegas has the lowest cost of travel from Phoenix. If you book for 14 days in advance, you can go for $ 120, with a $ 20 / day ($ 170 / week tax and insurance) rent a car at a great casino hotel like Stratosphere $ 40 / night ($ 250 / week).

If we are delighted to find a shop instead of a 24-hour casino then we will charge a $ 20 / day dollar / food / beverage ($ 140). I know there are many numbers I've just drummed. And if you do not want to do math, just trust me. I was an Algebra teacher before I decided to be SuperStripper. If you did math with me, the total cost of a week spent is $ 680. Other cities like Dallas are much more expensive.

Airfare to Dallas runs $ 250, a standard hotel room costs $ 80 / night ($ 560 / week) in a safe area. tourist class. So assuming you insist on a food / beverage budget of $ 20 / day; An ordinary day trip to Dallas would cost you $ 1,200. For comparison, a basic hotel room in Manhattan is $ 150 / night, and a regular ticket is minimum $ 25 / night. After you get into flights and restaurants, a week at Big Apple will bring you back at least $ 1,500 (and I challenge you to eat and drink in Manhattan at $ 20 a day!)

If you find Findy like Brandy You probably already have the best information on the internet. Free online forums have treasure hunt for all clubs in the country. There are also booking offices, such as one-way transportation and accommodation. It's a bit different from an ordinary house dancer in a metropolitan metropolitan area. Unlike Vegas and Phoenix, where you just have to appear when you want … once you sign up for a contract, you're expected to work every day on your reservation.

The world is the oyster! One of the most important things to be a stripper is that you can work for anyone! If you do not care about making more money on your trips, would you be at your home club what do you expect? Choose a city you'd like to visit, find the strip clubs and go!

Source by Rebecca Avalon

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