Bangrak, Koh Samui Island – Guide to Bangrak Beach and the City of Thailand

Koh Samui Island lies in the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast of the country's south, about 4-500 km north Thailand and Malaysia. The main Asian tourist destination, the island offers unsurpassed beaches, sparkling seas and luxurious accommodations. Chaweng Beach's tourist center offers nightly entertainment, endless selection of restaurants and bars, and anything else that tourists may want. But if you want to escape Chaweng's chaos and confusion, why not drive a few miles north of the peace and quiet of the Bangrak Sea?

Bangrak City is just north of Chaweng Beach, ten minutes drive from the airport and 2.5 km east of the Bophut fishing village. The Bangrak Bay is located a few kilometers east of the rocky fountain east of the Bophut fishing village, around the Buddhist temple, which is one of the most renowned landmarks of the Great Buddha, the huge golden Buddha statue and Koh Samui.

Bangrak beach with quiet and picturesque white sand and spectacular views of the islands of Koh Phan Ngan and Koh Som. The western end of the beach is a bit rocky for swimming especially in the low tide but as far as the center of the bay and the eastern end you are going, the beach will become less rocky and with good swimming pools.

Accommodation Bangrak consists of low and medium budget beach bungalows, numerous high-end spa resorts, some medium-budget hotels and a wealth of holiday villas, homes and properties dotted around the hills along the bay and the beach

The city was a busy traffic junction and on the beach was built on a large concrete pier at the seaside, next to the Fresh Market and the Great Buddha statue. These piers where ferries and motorboats are found to the neighboring islands of Koh Phan Ngan and Koh Tao. Koh Phan Ngan is just a 15-minute motorboat ride from Samui, and longer, longer, slower ships can travel approx. 1 hour. The Bangrak beach will be busy every month during the whole moon when fans are sailing on Koh Phan Ngan's Full Moon party. The busiest pier is the newly refurbished Petcharat harbor, where everyone in the bar can eat while waiting for the motorboat to leave.

There is no place to stay in Bangrak, but there is a huge selection of Thai and foreign-owned bars that line up the road to the Great Buddha. The bars in Bangladesh are usually closed at 1am, but some busy bars will sometimes remain open until there are enough buyers. Some beach bars have stunning views of the bay and the hills, offering sea views to Koh Phan Ngan, and fantastic scenery for Samui Sunset. The most successful bar in the Cosmic Bar and M & M Bar, the relatively new Tuk-Tuk bar, is becoming a popular choice. Try the Premiere Bar for live sports betting. Check out the live bands and special events on bars to inform the bars. Bangrak offers a reasonable assortment of Thai restaurants, as well as serving Thai and international cuisine at seaside and roadside bars and cafés. Recommended restaurants are the old Antica Locanda (Italian) and Katcandoo (Thai, Mexican, European). If you're looking for good English, try Café Uno or Lord Nelson.

At the far end of the sea, the Big Buddha Fresh Market, where vendors sell freshly caught seafood, including snapper, shark, sugar, shrimp and squid. Behind the market is the Great Buddha Temple and the giant Golden Buddha statue. Visitors can climb the stairs to the bottom of the statue, admire the beautiful view and walk the statue, after all the bells, good luck.

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