Bangkok's Best No Joiner Hotels Hotels – Tips for Insiders

The No Joiner Fee term refers to hotels in Bangkok that do not charge their registered guests a surcharge for enrolling an unregistered guest (s) to their room. You may have heard other labels, such as a girl or guest-friendly hotels. However, these hotels are far from the most popular hotels in Bangkok. So it is best to book your first choice far ahead if you are not at the table.

Many would think that most of the lower-class hotels in Bangkok do not charge such a fee, but it would be very wrong. Most of the highest category hotels in Bangkok do not charge a guest, but many mid- and lower-class hotels pay about 500 THB to 1,500 THB. So, if you plan to bring your company into your room every night, you can see that your desktop fees can really add up. This is one of the reasons why many Bangkok hotels that do not charge for carpentry are very popular and demanding.

Most of Bangkok's non-connection fees are in Sukhumvit and Nana. This is an area that is heavily sold and popular among the tourism and expat community. So it is not surprising that one of Bangkok's most famous nightlife districts, Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy. There are many popular go-go bars around the world where men are attracted to these places. This is the main reason why the Sukhumvit and Nana areas have so many carpentry hotels nearby.

Here are 5 very popular tariffs in Bangkok:

  1. Nana Hotel
  2. Majestic Suites
  3. Hotel
  4. Grand President Hotel

  5. Swiss Park Hotel

A quick note, an unregistered guest must identify the security that must be returned if leave. This is just a safety precaution to protect the hotel guest.

A very popular alternative to catering facilities is staying at Serviced Apartments. Serviced apartments are usually for long-term stays. However, many are waiting for the guests in a short time. Most of the apartments served in Bangkok, like other hotel operations, have the same type of hospitality as cleaning, desk desk, security and bell boys. Most include free breakfast. One of Bangkok's most popular apartments is Center Point Serviced Apartments. There are about 7 different properties in Bangkok, most of which are close to commercial and major attractions.

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