Bangkok No Joiner Fee hotels – where to find them and other useful Bangkok Hotel Tips

If you are planning a trip to Bangkok Thailand specifically to visit the crazy red lanterns, you will likely bring your partner back to your room. Before you do, make sure your hotel does not have a table tennis policy. Determining the "Joiner Prize" in a nutshell is a way for hotels to make some extra money when they pick up their room for a night. The carpenter's fee is usually $ 500, but it depends on all hotels.

So if you're planning this in Bangkok, you can book a guest or a friendly hotel. Guest guests are the most popular concept as many hotel guests have different sexual preferences.

Guest-friendly hotels do not require their guests to pay carpets, but for their companions Thai I.D. card for the security of the economy that you send back when leaving your companion.

Some web forums have tips that suggest that you rent two rooms, and that would justify you not paying a payroll fee. Does it sound like it works well? Well, if it's just that easy. Non-guest friendly hotels want to earn extra money. Since sex trade is so much sought after, they try to earn extra money from you. Chances have already been made against you.

So say, for example, to book a room for two people in a non-friendly hotel in Bangkok for 5 nights. The first night brings your partner back to your hotel. As it is at night, the hotel's security will examine you and your guest. 10 out of 9 guards can always observe a prostitute. Even if you are longing for and robed and complained about your face becoming blue in having two rooms occupied, hotel management will continue to pay a caretaker fee. And if you're threatening to try it early … good fortune to regain your money in the remaining room. This is how things work in Bangkok. And the hotel administration finally knows how to get hurt. After all, they know that guests are not sending their companions.

The best thing to do is to have a guest to avoid the inconvenience of paying for the carpeting. The hospitable hotels are located in Bangkok's Sukhumvit district. It is a tourist-friendly place, which means there are plenty of international restaurants and shopping around. In addition, it does not hurt that Sukhumvit Bangkok has two raunchiest red lights, such as Soi Cowboy and Nana.

Keep in mind that guest friendly hotels are very popular and demanding. Not only because they are friendly but because they are very good, and the hotel's property is very well maintained with high quality service. Therefore, it is best to book ahead and be ready to choose second and third options to increase your chances of staying in a guest friendly hotel.

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