Bangkok Hotels in Sukhumvit District Bangkok

Sukhumvit District is one of the busiest parts of Bangkok with office buildings, cheap and luxurious hotels and practically every day business, foreigners and tourists for a holiday in Thailand. Sukhumvit's reputation is also known as Nana and Soi Cowboy, which are considered two of the city's most popular red-light quarters.

As Bangkok's popular tourist destination, Sukhumvit is what most tourists do not want to stay in the budget. It is true that Sukhumvit is the most moderate and luxury hotel. But in so many hotels that compete with tourists for dollars, it is not hard to find quality Budapest hotels at Sukhumvit Road, around Baht 1000, for the Baht 1500 night. There are hotels around the B500, but the quality of such cheap hotels is not so desirable. If you know that you need some degree of comfort, such as air conditioning, then the best choice is not the Sukhumvit hotel Baht 800.

The Sukhumvit Road is a long road to the south of Pattaya and the popular seaside town of Bangkok. But the best areas to find are affordable hotels in Sukhumvit Road between Soi 1 Soi 55 (A Soi Thai means a side street or bar).

Soi 1 begins on Sukhumvit Road, and here begins the Nana red luminaire. Many cheap hotels in the area as well as 4 star accommodations. The Soi 4 ​​Boss Hotel and Heaven @ 4 Hotel are two new buildings, a good example of a Budapest hotel in Sukhumvit. Since both hotels in Budapest are located in the red light of Nana, this is not necessarily an ideal family-friendly hotel. The Boss Hotel and the Heaven @ 4 nights charge around 1500 Baht. I noticed that the newer hotels usually offer free nights after a minimum stay time, so finding a good idea for finding newly-opened hotels in Bangkok.

Near Sukhumvit Road, near Asoke Junction, and the Soi Cowboy Red Light District, tourists find cheaper accommodation in Bangkok, around 1300 Baht per night. There are two good examples of Asoke Suites and Merisess Sukhumvit 16. Both are not the latest and brightest but not more than four years so the conditions of both hotels are still a good choice to stay in Bangkok's active and lively part. This is the most important advantage of these hotels near Sky Trains running on runway lanes directly on Sukhumvit Road. Sky Train is a popular and efficient means of transport that can take you to Bangkok's business districts.

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