Bangkok Budget Hotels – 5 Tips for Choosing the Right

The exotic city of Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand is packed with great accommodations that cater to all kinds of budget and tasteful tastes. What most visitors can find in Bangkok hotels in Bangkok is that the money paid out is far from hotel value and service.

When most people think of the "Budget Hotel", the first thing that comes to their mind is bloodthirsty mats, dyeing and a huge rat for a roommate. This is not the case at hotels in Bangkok in Bangkok. Of course, there will not be a butler or a jacuzzi in the room. But here is what you can get at a hotel in the $ 40 USD range; Flat-screen TV, CD / DVD player, small pool, free Wi-Fi internet access and daily breakfast.

If I were in a hotel in the US, I'd be lucky if I needed a bagel at a $ 40 night hotel.

Here are five tips for choosing Budapest hotels in Budapest for a lifetime trip.

1. Choose Hotels for Easy Access to BANGKOK MRT or BTS

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is an underground subway and BTS (Bangkok Train Station) raised two-way train, also known as Sky Train. These two modes combine 60-75% of Bangkok's major attractions, historic sights and red lights. So, if you can see a hotel near any station, this is a big advantage. MRT and BTS are fast, inexpensive and easy to use, especially because the signs and maps are in English. But most importantly, they are well-ventilated.

2. Stay close to Sukhumvit, Siam, Silom and Chidlom,

There are plenty of cheap hotel choices here, so you do not need to travel to Bangkok's main attractions. Hotels in these areas have many shopping and other commercial attractions in Bangkok.

We can not say the obvious, but walking around Bangkok is not a great idea because the city is not organized and It planned. Therefore, if your main destination is shopping and attractions, then plan it accordingly. One of the most important attractions is the red-light districts such as Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy. These areas are loaded into rafters with all kinds of rods, including the notorious Go-Go rods that are familiar with Bangkok. And yes, there are plenty of cheap hotel options in these areas.

4. Find Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

Residential homes are very good and great for long stay, especially when traveling with their families because the rooms are bigger . They offer the same hospitality as a hotel, but often at lower or favorable prices. Of course, it is a great alternative to standard hotels and worth seeing. Most of them include a buffet breakfast. No need to be distracting but most well-kept apartments have labeled hotels like Center Point Hotels, which is a very popular apartment choice in Bangkok.

5. Book in advance

It is best to travel to Bangkok from October to March, as the weather is cooler with less humidity. Prices are higher in these months, but you still find great value on the internet.

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