Bang Tao – The Up-Market Resort

Bang Tao has a wonderful beach, about 4 miles away, beautiful white sand and the Andaman Sea lying on its banks. It's really the place you want to pamper; some of the Bang Tao hotels or resorts will house a butler, so you can relax in style. In the room or in the suite, cooked meals can only be prepared for you and according to your specifications.

The resort is 10 to 25 minutes from the international airport in Phuket, but travel time depends on the Bang Tao hotel or resort. There are many types of accommodation to choose from, but each one has a common feature, as opposed to a hotel in Patong or Phuket, these are not high-rise. One resort is actually a replica of a traditional Thai village and unique in Phuket.

Luxury Bang Tao hotels and resorts are not cheap; but you get what you pay for. If you want a romantic hideaway, then this resort is probably the place to find.

If you decide to stay in a Bang Tao holiday complex, you do not have to leave for any reason if you do not want it. However you may want to explore the nearby villages and explore the trade of fishermen and craftsmen. There are local markets that can look around where you can buy the odd-looking fruit. Maybe you might be lucky enough to find snake fruit.

For further relaxation, there is a golf course where you are a golf lover and there are many opportunities, especially Laguna Phuket's largest recreational complex, one of the largest types in Asia. Even if you do not stay in the complex, you can visit and enjoy the sample.

Bang Tao Hotel will be a good choice if you do not particularly want to attend a resort like Patong. In this town you can find bargaining of antique shops and taste one of the island's most famous kitchens. Check Rates and Availability for the Bang Tao. If you want a vacation soon, then there are bargains, so do online research now.

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