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Congratulations! It has brought its sights to higher goals as one of the most favorable audiences is conceivable. It takes a while and requires a lot of practice, but if you do the best in the worst case, soon, no one will hear you talk in public. Follow these simple rules and you will soon be a fame as one of the worst public-minded people!

1) Mumble and Softly Speak: and accurate, easy for students to follow, so in order to be the worst, is as incomprehensible as possible. Mumy when you talk and talk quietly that none of your listeners will hear what you say or understand the words. If even the first line of students needs to be put in place to listen to it, it does a great job.

2) Avoid the Eye: The last thing you want is to look at the audience; they might misunderstand something you said, or at least you think you really want to join them. Instead, look at almost any other place; the ceiling, your shoes, the walls or behind you, away from the audience (perfect if you have a board or white board to stare all the time). As long as someone else looks like the audience, they will get the clue they really do not care.

3) Standing Moving While Talking: A simple nervous twitch or a full blown pacing on the stage or other public speaking area, you need to make sure you never stop moving. Not only by walking quietly, or by some hand gestures; you are moving awfully and unpredictable, a minute later on the stage, in the next minute, waving your arms randomly. You do not want the movements to have anything to do with what you're talking about; the less we perceive your actions, the better. [4] Do not Practice Before: The first time you say that you have a talk when you are on the stage who are expecting to speak like a pro. Even if you are an expert in speech material (and why are you talking about something you know when you are trying to make a bad speech?) If you do not practice what you want to say, make sure you are struggling with a long break while speaking try to find the words you want and fill out the speech with ums and ahs

5) Do not describe the speech: While we are on the subject, we certainly do not want to describe your words or comments about what you want to say. If you have any comments, you can continue your talk with the talk that covers the material you want to cover and usually stay on the track. If you hold the papers under your speech (perfect if you want something you can not see your audience), randomly and organically, you can rotate them at regular intervals and read the most unusual and irrelevant parts in your speech.

Going there; If you want to be a terrible, terrible and fairly bad public speaker, all you have to do is to follow these simple rules and the audience is the worst speaker of anyone. Keep some talk and no one can ask you to talk again. (That is, it may be exactly the opposite of what this article says, and in the end you will say a fairly solid, well-liked speech.) Why do you want to do this, I do not know, but the option is there if you want.)

Source by Roger Raby

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