Backpacking Vs Organized Tours – The Decision for All Travelers

In the design of the RTW adventure I was taking great care of backpacking or organized tours. During my previous trips, both a combination of both organized tours and backpacks, both have good and bad points.

– When there is only limited time to travel, an organized tour is great as it is able to You will be looking around and seeing all the things you want, without the hassle of organizing the trip.

New Friends – Typically, people who organize a tour organized with a specific company have similar interests. I've made some wonderful friends through organized tours and I've made contact with them today. – After you booked your tour, paid and packed your bag, you do not have to worry about something! You actually pay for the tour company to arrange any transportation, meal, accommodation and travel issues.


Socially inept Every tour has someone on the tour who drives the nuts. When I was in India with two girlfriends, and since we were 3, we had to change another woman in a room. Unfortunately, this woman was an older woman who was not self-conscious and clearly inexperienced, and we had some "interesting experiences" with him:

  • He did not close the door When he went to the bathroom I would never To open the door to the bathroom, especially when I knew the man every week …
  • He did not bring any proper primary aids and pharmacy supplies, unfortunately he had a mild cold / flu, and continued to use any other medications, and never recommended to replace it. When we went out to a chemist, he thought you did not even think he was going to buy his own inventory.
  • You forgot your flashlight, we're on this tour for a few days on the Ganges, and a torch was vital. So every time I went to the bathroom, borrowed my headlamp, the problem was to put this on her sweaty head and send it back to me wet. YUCK!
  • He pulled on his underwear in my bathroom and chair and bed, it was not a pleasant experience I had to move to a large flower every time I wanted to sit …
  • He left the hotel with the key, he was on several occasions when I sat in front of my room and waited to return, the No. 1 rule of the organized tour always leave the key at the reception when you leave

Those Who Do not Read Travel Remarks – I've met two travelers on the tours I've ever had. What kind of avenues did they have ever had. The first encounter was in Thailand, a young English couple attended the tour, never traveled outside of Britain, and they were very young. They waded, bowed, weeped, and did not enjoy themselves, and they did much to keep the rest of us from knowing they did not enjoy the experience. If this couple had the time to read the travel notes, they would probably have realized what they were up to, and perhaps thought their way again. Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting Tour guides are well aware that people are always late to leave the hotel or meet as a group, tour guides always say they meet at least 1/2 hour with the actual meeting before time. It's okay if you're the guy who's always late, but for the rest it means we're waiting in the lobby bar, which seems eternal!


Now my personal way to go is the backpack! And some of my favorite things about the way to travel:

  • You do not have to answer anybody if you do not like a place, you just can leave it if you like, you can stay
  • Meet some wonderful thinkers along the way, hang out at the hostel and have a beer in the lounge to showcase some wonderful people
  • It's very inspirational to hear what others have done and do, and beyond the trip, I've heard stories from other people about what they did!
  • other backpackers are usually very attentive and willing to meet new people and share their experiences
  • cheaper! You do not pay a tour for a tour company, a tour guide and accommodation, so you can cut costs if you feel fit, stay in a more beautiful hotel or a cheaper hotel if that suits you!
  • If you're drunk and you're fooling yourself, you can only move on! You do not have to deal with someone the next day.
  • Easier holiday romance! One of the most amazing romances I've ever had when I finished my organized tour in Thailand and went back to my back for a week, I met a wonderful American man who followed me to Bangkok and then to Australia! I was not romantic if, on an organized tour, especially an extension, as if it were complicated, it would make the whole trip embarrassing … 19459009

Sometimes you just want someone to take a picture! If you do not find someone traveling to the site, you will get a lot of self-portraits, which is not entirely flattering!

It may be more complicated to navigate cities and countries on their own, Do not speak the language. Especially when you are white and travel to an Asian country, people know your tourist and take advantage of this opportunity.

  • You're a Goal, Man's Progress, and it's pretty intimidating if you can not cope with it.
  • It may be lonely not to look up your friendships along the way, but at the end you can spend a lot of time alone, which may be beautiful at times, but I'm really happy to share your experiences with others.
  • If you're sick, you're alone, nobody brings you medicine and does not care about you.
  • When you get home, there's no one who can share your experience when traveling with a partner, always remembering your business or sending other emails from your tour and staying in touch. But when you travel alone, in reality no one cares about what adventures have been made, they did, but they did not really care about them. All in all, there are definite advantages and disadvantages for both backpacks and organized tours, both of which are made during my trip, but after I've finished in Africa, it is my intention to stay alone in my journey. "

End up and meet some new And exciting people along the way!

Source by Belle Askew

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