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Australia's major drawing is a natural beauty. The landscape may vary from sunny beaches to tropical rainforests, to the rough areas of northern areas. Its cities combine art and fine dining, offering the love of sport and night life. Visitors who are expected to see an opera in Sydney in the evening and look for gold the following day must look at the topography. This is pure authenticity that gives Australia and its diverse population – a distinct personality.

Sydney is an American colonial town resembling the first impression, but as it approaches the harbor, the region boasts lively nightlife, beaches, parks, skyscrapers, restaurants and halls. Rugged cliffs and stunning Bondi Beach are popular ghosts. Interestingly, homosexuals make up a significant part of Sydney's nightlife. While the Opera House is a key attraction, discovering hidden bays is also a good option. The harbor offers many water sports including snorkelling, gliding, jet-jumping, water skiing and motorized rowing boating.

Tourists are in the cosmopolitan Melbourne on the Yarra River in the summer for discount shopping, delicious restaurants and sports calendar. An hour's drive from Melbourne, Yarra Valley is Australia's most beautiful wine region. The country's most important producer is Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Wine-tasting picnics and jazz shows are key tourist attractions.

Brisbane is a progressive city in the middle of the South East Queensland corridor, stretching from Sunshine Coast to New South Wales. Bris Vegas is known as Queensland's capital of Queensland (when it has been built in a nasty casinos), characterized by numerous theaters, concert halls, galleries and museums.

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is popular for sunny climates and unfair coastlines. Unfortunately sterile skyscrapers rule the strange riverbank. Note: Perth visit is incomplete without traveling to the Berndt Anthropological Museum, which has contemporary Aborigine with art and artwork.

In Hobart, Australia's second largest city, shopping, nightlife, art galleries and fine dining are popular, but rainforests and secluded beaches are easily accessible. Hundreds of saloon lovers gather on Saturday in the Sullivans Cove area for the famous Salamanca Market, where a wide variety of dishes, including sushi trays, organic vegetables, sand sculptures and salmon are found! The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, showing a Tasmanian Aboriginal shop and the memories of the state colonial heritage and Tasmanian colonial art, is an important part of the riverside area. Among other tourist attractions, Adelaide is a quiet city with wonderful temples, botanical gardens, bicycle paths and wonderful markets. while Darwin, the capital of the Nordic region, is a multicultural community that is an exotic mixture of Asian, European and indigenous cultures, with an expressive Australian feel.

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