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Micro-relationship, is this new relationship? There seems to be a new tendency in relationships, as Tarzan has more people in a relationship with speed, in the online dating world, micro-relationships have been created, or "micro". What twitter has been done for blogging, dating sites work for relationships.

The new time that it is connected lasts from one weekend to one month – a micro connection. These microcircuits are longer than flames, but too short to maintain a true relationship, maybe you need to call flips, fling and the combination of relationships. No matter what, they became the new relationship.

What Causes the Microphone? This happens when two people have an immediate attraction to each other but have nothing to do with it. Most long-term relationships are based on attractiveness and similarities, such as hobbies, beliefs, or circle of friends, but the micro is based on a unique attraction. Once the physical attraction fades and realizes that it has nothing to do with it, it's over.

How does the microphone evolve? Online dating has created these micro numbers because online dares are usually attracted to people who rely heavily on the appearance or the photo. So when this couple meets when affection is present, attraction alone can lead this relationship until it disappears as quickly as it is set off. After the intimacy disappears, they realize they do not have a common affair. Similar to building a house on a sandy ground; It's just a matter of time before it crashes. Now both sides think each other that they find each other attractive and they get to each other in the short term, but this is a miracle match.

Microscopes are characterized by speed, novelty, intimacy, and excitement. More and more such relationships are created. This is similar to what people experience when there is an adrenaline rush on a certain activity. Imagine the search engine of excitement, the man who is bungee jumping or the wedding away, that's a high, more Same behavior. This is what happens in the microsphere, people create addiction rather than behavior to meet new people with immediate intimacy and addiction to live their own lives.

Microscopes are different from disappointment, a hairline, and last longer than bites. However, these twitter types are shorter than a dedicated link. So the microcontroller is somewhere between the loss and the long-term relationship, and usually has a lot of intimacy. After intimacy is worn out, the two people need to know each other and then the relationship crashes. The new relationship or the micro is only becoming more comprehensive as more and more people are getting online and continue to adhere to the other sex, strictly based on their appearance. This is good news on online dating sites, but bad news for people who like the internet.

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