April in Thailand: Songkran

Songkran in Thailand has traditionally slandered his sins and misfortune from the previous year and is ready to renew himself for the coming year. Many Thai people return to their family home and eat, drink, and play with their elders. There are many rituals like washing and visiting the temple.

For younger and tourists, Songkran is entertaining by throwing water, flour, or dust over each other. There are many festivals throughout the country where Bangkok is the most organized event and celebration. If you are traveling this year, you must see and attend, but remember to stay safe too, here are some tips.

1. Make sure the water is not hot or salty. Some people try to water with salt water or unclean water, be careful especially in the smaller streets around the capital or provinces. Avoid wet powder if you can – It's part of the tradition to squeeze the dust on your face, but whatever may be, within a few days, it may be a very nasty rash, it is best to avoid contact with anyone who tries to blow dust.

3. Do not forget about culture – Do not walk down the capital without a shirt or just a bikini, there are still laws for proper dressing in Thailand. Make sure it is not too prominent, it may be very hot, but you are also a visitor to another country and you have to comply with the laws

. Put all the valuable stuff in a plastic bag – No matter how much you're trying to avoid the water in the capital, you can almost end it. Be sure to wear your cell phone, watch, camera, and wallet in a plastic zipper bag. They can be purchased locally, so do not worry, but it's absolutely essential if you want to enjoy the holidays. Beware of pocket thieves. Though this is a loud advice when traveling anywhere and anytime any time of the year, unfortunately, festivals are the worst in people and when they get caught in the atmosphere, they can easily forget the valuables and be sure someone is ready to be relieved of them, If you are not careful.

After all this, Songkran is a great festival and enjoy it, so enjoy it!

Source by Stephen Holmes

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