Antigua Weather – Best and Worst Months to Go

Antigua has 365 beaches – one of the year all year round – and lots of nice weather for each one. But the island is also part of the bad weather months.

In addition to the beaches, Antigua and its neighbor Barbuda are also known for their good shopping, historic sites and lots of hotels, resorts and restaurants.

The island shows little change every year at temperatures but strong peaks and valleys with rain. Tourists experience an average monthly temperature of 85 degrees, says the World Weather Organization. The average monthly low temperature is 75 degrees

Antigua's weather in June and October reaches average temperatures of around 87 degrees. In December, January and February they reach 83 degrees.

The sum total is 3.6 inches per month. In September it reached 5.5 cm, almost as much rain in October and November. These months are the biggest hurricane and hurricane activities in the Caribbean's annual hurricane season, which officially runs from 1 July to 30 November. The islands report even higher rainfall in May, though not as much as in the autumn months.

Antigua Weather In February, rainfall will fall to 1.5 inches, then between March, January, and April. From February to April, on average eight rains per month, August, November, November and December average 13 days per month.

The best time to visit Antigua in March and April, while the worst time to visit Antigua September and October, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization

Hot temperatures and light rainfall combined Feb From April to June in June for the least risky months for your vacation. Likewise, Antigua's weather in August to November and May is the highest risk of rain.

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