Another Angle in India: the Golden Triangle

Here, a wave of indigo-painted houses flashes from the rooftops, glittering lightning bulbs as dusk falls. In the soft, balmy evening, the narrow rear bands and the whistling sounds as well as the whistling sounds of the tuk tuk drivers are heard. And everywhere it turns: the sugar cube houses are a rich, recessed blue. Jodhpur, I soon realized this was the city that best enjoyed its rooftops.

And how good are rooftops. In the state of Prince Rajasthan, where the dry and dusty desert leads to the old towns, Jodhpur is also known for havelis, the glorious painted glorious houses serving the rich memory of Rajasthan. cultural heritage.

He traveled to the north of India, trying to discover all the alternative sights that had to be offered by a large and diverse subcontinent. He stopped in dry desert cities, majestic forts and castles and deserted cities, and I was surprised how many other travelers I saw.

People who celebrate in India see the Taj Mahal, the skirt of the old chaotic bazaars and the streets of Old Dehli, and the Jaipur's pink palaces and temples stop. We do not call the Golden Triangle for anything. But rather India needs holidays than sweeping eyes. I was on a mission to see the other side of India and found it in northern India. Here are some wonderful deviations and side steps you can do:

Ranthambore National Park

Adventure holidays start here. Ranthambore is the largest national park in the country. The breath of fresh air from the narrow cities, the real reason to come here, is the chance of discovering a rare animal, the Bengal tiger. The best way to try these elusive creatures is safari, and nothing beats the wonderful creatures on the wild surface.


t Decorated with beautiful houses, the white houses have a great advantage with a view of the tranquil lakes, which this city is called the East Venetian.

Pushkar Camel Fair

Spiritual Desert Village Most of the Year, in November Pushkar comes to life when thousands of merchants, buyers, sellers and pilgrims come to pray enjoy the camel's decent atmosphere and festival.

Source by Dave Kingsley

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