An accident in pregnancy, life and work

Have you ever been in a room or sitting at your desk and looking at the petty heap you have to do? As you stand there, you are curious about the fact that two people in the world who feel like they have never been home can build up a lot of laundry and pots. I mean it seriously. The amount of clothing my husband and my house have buried in my house is crazy and I know he'll be worse when little Davie arrives. I've never been a great housekeeper, but as I looked into the third trimester of my face, I knew we had to start changing habits in order to make our life easier when we turned our lives to a newborn.

The first business order? To catch up with any homework I did not do in the first trimester. For those who did not know the first trimester, it was rough. I was sick all the time and there was no energy. I was in bed easily at 7 am and regularly took the lunch break during the work. The house was the absolute last thing on my radar and it showed me. So here I started collecting the game plan.

Step 1: De-clutter, Deep Clean and Reorganize. I knew I wanted to get rid of so much shit in the house as much as I could, but I knew that if I did not close the projects for more "bite" pieces, I did not get anything done. So I made a "Nesting To Do List", where I dismantled all the rooms and what was to be cleaned and / or replaced. I was committed to preparing a "big" project for a week. Regardless of my passage in my closet and dressing rooms or our table (which caught me), I did something every week. That was such a great help. Within a month the kitchen, the laundry room, the guest room, the bedroom and the bathroom went through and cleaned up. This included excessive clothes, spicy pots, pots, pans, pots, shoes, bags, anything and everything I did not need or use frequently. I have walled walls, clean ceiling fans, appliances, etc. This is the spring cleaning on Crack. I swear it has done everything in the world and keeps it on the fridge, keeping it in mind. I'll explain why why soon.

Step 2: Set a new prefix. Start small, do not do your new "rule" TAKE ALL DAY. You set yourself up because you do not succeed. I started to make sure dinner dinners do not sit in the sink for the night. I made it into the hot, soapy water before I started cooking and when I finished something I put in the sink. So you can avoid "I just let it soak here overnight." Sure. It's no more than Mom, it only brings you more work tomorrow. The next thing I added did not allow the garment to leave more than a day without folding and dropping them. It's so hard for me. I hate wearing clothes, but do you know what I hate more? 8+ hour cleaning and folding laundry. Yes, that's what happened. Starting with such minor goals, the general picture was facilitated. Step 3: Take 15 minutes a day and pick up the house. I can go to all my rooms, pick up the mess and place it where it is. I move the garments to rubbish, garbage into the trash can, the glasses in the sink, the shoes in the closets, and so on. Now you have a small house, so you need it. You may need to do 15 minutes a day and need to place one or more levels. Any quick pick up, if possible, can open more time to enjoy your current freedom.

Step 4: Become a Lister / Designer. I have a list of everything, especially now. I invested in a Plum Paper designer and I really like it. The fact that you can choose from many beautiful colors, you can add as many different options, personalize it, and choose your starting month for every aspect you love. Next month I will be the second. I have the vertical design that allows me to put notes on the designer's left side. I keep the calls, I have to pay bills that week, and all the minor tasks I need to deal with at the end of the week on the left. I was already nominated when I paid the bill and this is outside the bill. I made a mistake on the "paid" sign on an account before it ran out of my account and threw a lot of loops when it reached our account in a few days. On the right, every meeting is written for the week or any other important appointment / time. Every morning when I get to the desk, I open that designer and see what needs to be handled. One more reminder to return to a Redbox is to prove useful when the brain in the brain decides to strike.

Step 5: Learn to Say No. That was so hard for me. I've always gone, go, go, about 10 different things happen at one time. If you're pregnant, you have to understand that there are new limits to energy. So far I have 3-4 hours of high productivity for home cleaning, and then I've done it. I have to keep this in mind on the business day. I am the most fertile first thing in the morning, so if there is something to happen, I'll take care of it as soon as I get in. Which brings the next point. I am very fortunate to work with a very family-oriented company and an office that strives to take extraordinary care of its employees. The management knew fertility and was very remarkable about the diagnosis, the appointment of doctors and the emotional roller coaster. So when I learned I'm pregnant, I told them right away. I understand that many women do not enjoy this luxury, so navigate in their first trimester and take care of their current responsibilities, but I would suggest that they should not start new projects. I think that thanks to my team and my team they all knew so early. They understand if I feel bad and take care of the phone calls they have to jump to get to the bathroom. They also take care to make sure that I get early lunch if I need to have a day off before, or if you have to eat first. Again, I am very happy with the family of workers. Step 7: Remember to take a breath. It will be a joyous and life-changing event of your life. I know this can upset you. What needs to be done, what needs to be cleansed, what needs to be bought, how your plans are designed for other mothers, and everything between them. However, take your time to focus on the things you are waiting for. One thing I'm really excited about? My car seat in my truck. It's like an official "I am a mother" stamp. Balancing is a pregnant, homework, wife, and co-worker that can be quite a circus act, but a little extra body, design, and elbow grease easily fit into the transition, just a few blows. Happy Pregnant Moms!



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