Amsterdam's joyful ride

Amsterdam is famous for its bicycles, museums and other entertainments such as caf├ęs and red light.

Amsterdam welcomes millions of visitors annually to the main attractions. Located in the north-west of Central Europe, Amsterdam is famous for its liberal atmosphere, the main attractions and the unbridled nightlife.

There is also an extensive bicycle network in Amsterdam. Unlike many other cities, here and there is not just an odd two-legged wide bicycle trail – in Amsterdam there are bicycle paths everywhere at least four feet wide.

are actually separated from other traffic. Cycle paths appear in a glittering color and are usually separated from the roads by a specific puller or some other splitter.

In areas where there is no bicycle, the bicycle continues to regulate. Pedestrians are cautious and keep the wheels on their eyes and ears. They can break the law incorrectly and go down the wrong path and cut across multiple tracks – no matter to ensure that riders are moving from A to B as short as possible. Do not be wrong, bicycle is the fastest in town.

Best of all, there's no need for a fantastic bicycle to get the most out of Amsterdam. Since Amsterdam is so flat, the typical Dutch bicycle can have only three grades or even one! This is a typical, bent handlebar style bicycle whose bell needs low maintenance. You can rent 10 euros a day for visitors.

Source by Richard Smith

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