American Legion Baseball Versus Travel Baseball

Sixteen and seventeen-year-old high school baseball players who want summer baseball, should choose between American Legion baseball and travel baseball. And there is often a heavy recruitment from American legion coaches. Over the past few years, Legion Coaches have reduced the number of players wishing to play with the American Legion Baseball. They must actively pursue the players. Let's take a look at why the American Legion baseball number is falling.

The baseball scene of the small league fifteen years ago exploded between ten and fourteen years. The World Series competition series came only from a few organizations where eight or ten teams played in many organizations with hundreds or more teams competing. And for the past six years the team and the races have been moved to the age group of fifteen to eighteen. 19459002

Previously, baseball elections These high school age groups were limited to only a few AAUs and American Legion teams. Now many teams are called travel baseball teams. These teams are doing what their name implies; Travel around the country in races or showcases. Some sports product manufacturers support many travel groups.

By expanding the travel groups, college baseball coaches have found a new way to trace and capture high school players. Rather than traveling around the country and chasing the summer troops, these traveling teams are now playing at their stadium. Many college coaches are organizing a few competitions in the summer. They make some money in the tournament and earn a lot of players without having to travel.

Exposure to players for dummy coaches is invaluable. And play at college baseball courts and see college universities.

Other sports demand with summer time

Other sports. It seems that every high school sport has a summer training program or other activity that forces children to play only one sport. High school football and basketball do not want to lift weights and workouts every morning and then go for a baseball double header that will not end until eleven o'clock. It's sad, but it's true that many high school students are forced to choose a sport. A few years ago, the American Legion raised the age limit. Legion players from eighteen to nineteen years. This growth helped to increase the number of troops. Many college colleges like to come home and play another baseball game. And recently, the American Legion has begun to popularize Jr. Legion's baseball program. They feel the sooner they get players to the Legion program, the better. It is too early to know whether this dosing program will be successful or not.

What to do? Would you be playing the baseball of the American Legion with his high school buddies, or would you find a travel team to present your abilities to many college coaches?

I'm talking about this side of both sides of the fence. I have a son who has been playing legion baseball for four years and another who plays on baseball. American Legion Baseball is an old and proud program. The team players are from the same city. You wear an American Legion patch on your shoulder. Typically, legion trainers will stay in the program for many years. You play a lot of games and your home games are close. And usually the costs are reasonable. But from my experience, not many college coaches or recruits arrive in Legio.

Travel teams usually consist of various different secondary schools. They will practice a lot and be far. Very often travel teams hired coaches. Four travels can travel three. Many races will start on Wednesday or Thursday during the day. It takes a lot of car to collect. There are a number of college coaches and professional scouts in the game. Travel costs can be very high.

I think both teams need and survive. Baseball for travel is not for everyone and can not afford the costs. However, if you are your son good enough, there is usually something to do. Tour team coaches want to win so they can find the way for good players for the team. If you are a good player, you should visit your travel team. The dormitory and professional baseball exposure are significantly better with travel teams.

However, the American Legion program will still be a great choice for many high school players. Many professionals and divisions of a player came out of the legion program. Now only a little less comes from the Legion Baseball.

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