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For over 2000 years, Alexander the Great has been excited about the imagination of people around the world. Hardly teenagers have gone to Asia with about 45,000 people to conquer the vast and rich Persian empire. He didn't stop there, but continued an epic 22,000-mile trip, Troy to Alexandria, Samarkand to Babylon. When he died, only at the age of 32, he crossed the boundaries of the known world, cutting out an empire of Greece and Afghanistan, Israel to India.

It is still resonating on three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. Go to Egypt, go to the desert to the oasis of Siwah, into a large, bright green circle, the yellowish yellow sea, and you will find a crumbling temple where the oracle has declared his son Zeus to Alexandra. Trek to South Iran and discover Persepolis, the ruined capital of Persian kings that Alexander burned.

The ultimate destination for those seduced by Alexander must be Turkey. After stepping into Troy's battlefield, you can enjoy the magic combination of landscape, food and ancient wonders. Archaeological adventures await every turn.

Alexander's sarcophagus

Enter the archaeological museum of Istanbul and admire one of the finest craft pieces of the ancient world. Not Alexander's personal coffin, but subordinate. On the side of his grave, he finds Alexander, carved from bright white marble, hunted, and on Bucephalas horse.

Walking Ephesus Marble Streets

Discover the capital of the Asian Asian Roman province, which is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world today. A century of excavations by Austrian archeologists show that we have seen many things: from private villas to bright baths, the 28,000 theater and an extra library.

Sail on the Lycian Shore

Gödör on Turkey's turquoise coast when traveling on a traditional Turkish gulet. The soaring hills covered with pine trees will relax in its splendor while reflecting the Alexander Navy and ancient pirates. Fold up and go ashore at Phaselisen, where Alexander crowned gold wreaths.

Temple of Apollo in Didim

Walking along the soaring columns and dark arched corridors to the most intimate sacraments, you can still feel the power and influence exerted by the old gods.

View of Termessus

Hike to the mountains and find this rocky eye, an ancient city in the clouds, one of the few places you can say is not Alexander and survive.


When to Travel

Spring and Autumn. From mid-April to early June and from September to October, it's best to avoid intense summer warmth and mass.

How long does it take

At least one week to see some highlights. Two to three weeks to discover a vast amount of terrain, visit a large site, and gain recognition for Alexander's physical and logical difficulties.

Travel Adventure Planning

Many hiking companies use Alexander the Great as the headline of trips that have little to do with where they went and what they did, so check out their route. . If you are traveling alone, buy the best maps of Turkey before you start. Large maps are often difficult to find in Turkey, especially outside major cities.

Internal Information

When entering the interior from the shore, take care of Turkey's renewed kangalese dogs. They protect sheep and goats from wolves and have a well-deserved reputation for loyalty. Take care of a walking stick and some stones.

Alexander the Great on the Internet Alexander the Great. Includes a guide to select the best places to visit in Vergina, Greece, to the Siwah oasis in Egypt.

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