Akha Thai Tribe

Akha is a tribal group that originated in southwestern China. Apart from North Thailand, this tribe is located in China, Laos and Burma. Today in North Thailand, about 20,000 Akha live in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai at higher altitudes.

There are four main groups in the tribe: the U-law, the law Mi, the Pa Mi and the A Keu. All four groups speak their own dialect in the Akha language. The law U, Mi law and the dialect evoked by Pa Mi are very similar; But A Keu speaks very different dialects.

Akha lives in bamboo homes. They use cogon grass to build roofs in their homes. They built their residential building. The villages of Akha are usually large in size, thirty houses. Their homes are built on hilltops as an attempt to avoid illness and outbreaks. The most important leader in the village of Akha is the spiritual leader or the shaman. Akha are animists, and they believe they live their lives. If a member of the tribe becomes non-believer, you will usually leave the village.

The Akha lifestyle is based on the agricultural system. They work very hard on the fields, spend more time there than with their families. Rice and various vegetables are grown on the hillside. They also grow cash crops such as chilies, soybeans, cabbage and tomatoes. Akha women are known about their weaving skills. Bamboo, wood and rattan fabrics, garments, ornaments are sold to supplement their poor income.

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