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Flight regulations and laws are getting stricter, air traffic enthusiasts find themselves in a bit of trouble if they are not well-informed when they arrive at the airport. Deploying airsoft rifles on a unprepared machine seems to be a good way for an air marshal to shoot himself. In order to keep the aeronautical experts out of the (real) firing line, it is important to know all applicable aviation laws and regulations.

There are two main organizations or government bodies that define flight rules for TSA and FAA. The TSA or the Traffic Safety Authority consists of security officers, inspectors, directors, aircraft managers and managers who protect the nation's transportation systems so you and your family can safely travel. They are the metal detectors and scanners of airplanes who are asking to take off their shoes and check their weapons and bombs. They are the guys who will take it if they find their weapon during the transfer. The most important thing to know when traveling by plane is that all weapons are treated equally – airsoft weapons, real weapons, and even paintball weapons are treated with the same seriousness and security. According to the regulations in force, all weapons (including all airsoft equipment) are carried on board the aircraft but must be packaged for checked baggage. This means that you can not have any weapons, aircraft pellets (19459004), containers or anything in your portable luggage. If you store these items in packages that you want to ship on the airplane and give you access to the flight, TSA agents will bring you quite a disagreeable look. Not to mention that there is no airline missing!

There is a need to report a weapon (airsoft or other) in the ticket office as unannounced arms found in the checked baggage are considered a threat to cause damage to your luggage or, in the worst case, your arrest. Stored weapons dispatched in the baggage bag are marked on the bag or on the suitcase labeled labels.

In addition, the pump and spring airbags must be removed before being packed in the luggage and all carbon dioxide tanks must be evacuated and disassembled. To check if the weapon is on board, check the TSA website and talk to the carrier, as each airline has its own rules.

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