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One of the best preserved safari secrets of Chale Island, 27 km from the seaside town of Mombasa – North Africa. Here at Sleepy Creek, visitors can discover the natural volcanic mud and look younger than they really are. Why waste money on cosmetics?

The first time I saw people who took salt baths was one celebrated in Michael Palin's television show. I didn't know that the village where I always went to leave, in my back yard, was a shelter for the lovers of mud baths. First I went to this place when I visited the Kenya Marine and Fishing Research Institute during one of my trips.

The Institute worked on a very special project studying rare mangrove species at a university in Italy. Because of my interest in traditional medicine, I wandered and visited a traditional healer and Elder Elm-Mzee Abdallah Mnyenze I met through the Kenyan Ethnological Society. Mzee Mnyenze, as an accomplished ethnobiologist, knows one or two things he can't find in botanical books. So when I get the chance to visit beautiful Mombasa, I visit his visit to listen to his wisdom under the coconut trees, enjoying the sea breeze that was emphasized by the smell of the vast Indian Ocean. I'll throw it back to the point.

Kenya National Museums are trying to preserve this Mijikenda holy forest for rare mangrove, birds and colobus monkeys, which are a great attraction for foreign and local visitors.
According to experts, the natural vegetation of the island is very unique. Coastal Kayaks, as they are called, are a mixture of marine and terrestrial ecosystems of very old mangrove species, whose biodiversity has not been experienced in the world.

There are many Digo cultural sanctuaries in this forest that are scattered throughout the island, but its secrets are only known to the few Digo elders who have been passed down from generation to generation.

Located near the tourist huts. Visit the area with traditional dances and a toning mud bath. I needed a lot of persuasion to drop my clothes, but I'm glad I didn't. Free and vacationers are very cheap but rich. Why spend money on expensive cosmetics and penetrating surgery? Go into the mud!

Source by Patrick Omari

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