Adding Blogger Categories Easily Without Editing HTML

If you are using Blogger / Blogspot on your blog, a little annoying feature – or a lack of – will leave the Categories.

Categories are especially important when you write regular messages. After you have posted quite a few comments on Blogger's blog, visitors can lose their paging in many blog posts, unless you click on the Categories to help them find blog posts on that topic.

Of course, you can insert a search box into your Blogger blog, which means that visitors can search by any keyword and hopefully find what they are looking for. However, categories can be immediately clicked and serve as a mini-box – an indicator of the blog's content, topics, and scope.

Some Methods for Adding Categories to Blogger – There is often advanced technical knowledge, including adding / editing HTML code, using Digg and links, etc. he wants and feels technically competent.

But a simple method anyone can do without editing HTML, Blogger Labels & # 39; in some way (see below).

t These are & quot; Labels & # 39; for each post.

Step 2: When you write an entry, a small box called & quot; Labels & # 39; . These are the labels / keywords for each post. Make sure you have about 5 relevant tags for each entry. Note, however, that it contains at least 1 of the main / parent category tags as described above.

Step 3: You can set the blog layout to include tags on the sidebar . You can do this by clicking "Customize", & # 39; Layout & # 39; Page Elements & quot; Select to add & quot; Labels & quot;. The & quot; Labels & # 39; to appear on the blog sidebar, select & quot; Selected Labels & # 39; then & quot; Edit & # 39; s. When you edit them, just mark those that are more important parent categories / labels (about 5-10) and delete the less important child categories / labels.

Step 4: To alert blog visitors to these categories of tags, change the address of the sidebar labels to "Categories" or "View Messages." By Subject. " This means that visitors will display about 5-10 tags on the side of the blog that appear to be the categories that work like the Categories when they click on them.

Step 5: When writing all other blog posts, simply remember to make one of the main tags / parent categories one of your blog posts This will ensure that this post will appear when your blog posts are

There are Blogger Categories without any difficulty in editing the HTML code!

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