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We know a little about Australia's natives, even less about their old cultures and astral wonders. Australian Aborigines asked the astralist thousands of years ago …

Who are the Australian natives?

There are many theories about origin and landing in current Australia. Their origin is likely to come from the Indian subcontinent and migrate to Australia more than 40,000 years ago. If you were on a boat, it would be Indonesia if it were land, when Australia was still land or ice over the tens of thousands of years ago.

Whatever way they came from, this is not our topic here. What we strive to call attention to this article is that Dream Time, as the indigenous people know, is the culture they learn about stories and stories about other theological references and sciences such as the story of creation. Dreamtime refers to time before time, in which the past, the present and the future simultaneously coexist with each other parallels with the Genesis story and with the time of Creation. It only follows in the dream life the cycle in which there is no real beginning and no real end. Dreamtime (also known as The Dreaming) consists of four parts:

Beginning of all;

the life and power of the ancestors;

the way of life and death;

and power in life.

More effective than time and space. Indigenous people are called Dreamtime for the past, the present and the future.

Aborigines believe that people have a part forever. And it existed before birth and after death. It exists in The Dreamtime. The notion of space and identity, as space and time, emphasizes the concept of motion. Dreamtime stories include moral, spiritual and psychic understanding, all kinds of practical information. They are moving through space and passing through time.

Dreamtimes is a mystical spiritual experience, myth contains the fragmented memories of their old history. They also believe in the unity of mankind, body, spirit, spirit, shadow, name, spirit, and totem. "Dreams are not a historical event, but a vertical line in which the past and the present meet at one point Example: If we are to achieve reality in reality, we must first find in dream life and get it into reality, our dreams include many activities As spirits and travel to the sacred places. New staffs with magical rituals including rituals, fear, isolation and suggestions, and two months of rapid launching, have chosen their physician, "And quartz crystals can enter In the body to have power, there is a magic (astral) rope that allows you to fly in the air (there is an out-of-body experience or obe) Maben Stones

During the healing process, there are crystals, tectites (small round, Dark brown and green glassware consisting of silicate glass, and Which were thought to have a meteorite effect on Earth's surface), shells or special stones. Techniques include hand grip, ventriloquism, massaging and sucking, as well as acute perception and hearing. They were great wizards. Psychic abilities for openness of experience, ignoring the time factor, the silent and lonely nature of the bush, the magic, the distancing of long distances, the vision of the x-ray, the "familiar dream" (OBE), the hypnotism And the fiery walking .

The natives say the beginning of creation, and the description of events is very similar to the mention of the Bible and the Koran, though thousands of years ago and long ago, these religions refer to the origin and origin of the source.

Since human interest, we see the repetition of human interests and the first person on earth. Past, present and future are really interconnected.

Mythology, theology and science meet because they represent common interests.

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