A unique trip from Phi Phi harbor to Krabi

Phuket is a hidden island in the Andaman Sea, on the Indian Ocean coast of Thailand. It is located 81 km south of Bangkok. The island is rich in tin and rubber in the past. India and China were among the most important trade routes. Nowadays, Phuket has become a tourist destination that is paying off, making it the richest province in Thailand. The popular tourist destination, where the beaches are located on the west coast, in the southeast of Phuket and at the northern airport.

While Phuket has other islands, such as Phi Phi, Ao Nang, KohLanta, KohLipe and Langkawi. There are various modes of transport, including ferry or speed bike. Phuket Phi Phi is one of Phi Phi's best ways to travel. Depending on which route you use, it passes through the other islands of the Andaman Sea. If you want to go from Phuket to Phi Phi, just have to do it, Book a ticket online and arrive on time to start your trip.

Before you book an online ticket, be sure to research the best ferries that match your taste. See also prices for affordability and quality services. During the research, you should not miss the best compat to travel to get there. After you begin your trip, make sure you have the best experience on the island because you do see a lot and some activities that make your trip more exciting.

The passenger ferry offers a safe and safe journey. The ferries are well maintained to ensure safety and comfort. Large passenger ferries can accommodate up to four hundred passengers. The part has different seating positions; Onboard or in comfortable seats. You can choose the best place to enjoy your trip. Do not forget to transport a ticket, a book and some binoculars when you are ready to get the best ferries.

In the high season, if you travel from Phuket to Phi Phibe, it's important to book the ticket in advance to get the best spot. Make sure you enjoy the great views when you arrive; There are stunning sandy beaches, great waters of sea sports and some fine local cuisine. The island is located on Phuket Island and the Krabi Islands, which is in good shape during travel.

The ferry ride is economical, convenient, comfortable and will visit the beautiful islands of the Andaman Sea. Phuket Phi Phi ferry is very popular and this is the best experience when traveling to Phi Phi.

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