A trip to the Yelagiri Mountains

It was a cool morning on February 5, 2017, and it was all exciting when we headed for a mountain station to go fast this weekend. Just a hug and call, the kids were awake and excited about the adventure, they were ready for the treasures of toys.

We pulled ourselves up with our sweaters and hats, and we started off in a Qualis vehicle at Journey 7 in Bangalore. The driver (hired taxi) was to blame for the late coming and we started to join a friend's family.

Bengalore Highways and the Bustle of the City Mass, we soon captured ourselves into the tranquil beauty of nature. Coconuts, plantains and green pastures greeted us on the way to Tirupattur. We managed to glide with 11 hairpin curves, we put it in the hilltop of Yelagiri, and it was beauty and tranquility. The fresh air filled our nose and arrived at the destination at 11.30. At the peak of the peak, the kids were willing to ride. "Punganoor Lake Park" offers boating, boating and silent sailing. We chose a boat and selected the length and width of the lake. This was the beginning, as more adventure was waiting for the "Wild Adventure Zone". Here the kids lost a lot of games – Archery, horseback riding, mountaineering, zip lining, etc. Before they knew more, it was a very indispensable lunch break. The local specialties, paddu, mirchi, vada and many fruit types – litchi, jackfruit, bellflower, panir, guava etc. A beautiful place for relaxation and a perfect resting place was a huge room with two double beds that were royal in size.

The kids played Shuttle bats and Frisbee while we were in chess in a Cozy Bed. In the evening there came a plan for the Murugan Temple and the Venkataramana Church after having to go to the natural park. After praying to the gods, it became dark and the nature park was cut to the music fountain. With colorful water they turned to popular music songs, the kids felt good with candy and chips. After a long day, it was time to almost have half slept a quick dinner.

The next morning we woke up and woke up at Swamimal Hills Castle. With a cup of hot tea / coffee and bournvita, all of us joined our shoelaces with trekking pants and water bottles to climb the peaks of these famous hills. From 8.30 on, the road went deep into the woods, surrounded by huge trees, stairs, stone stones and muddy roads. By 10 o'clock, we succeeded at the summit so we could experience this rubbing and beauty around us. The feeling of happiness and joy was only experienced. We spent about an hour, eating food, biscuits, watermelons, papyas, raw mangoes, we went to the church and started off the track. By balancing the uneven ground, we reach the base at 12 o'clock.

It was time to pick from the farm and we were ready because the next thing was the waterfall. In the hot afternoon, the waters of the waters grinned at the kids, but they were tired of traveling long. The Jalagambara Falls are about 40 km from Yelagiri, and we fall asleep after driving our vehicle. The afternoon's bloody amazement, as children and adults can see, are just as excited to jump and soak in the fall. The beautiful escape from the 80 steps took us to the waterfall, and everyone liked to soak it.

We came back in the fall and after a teaspoon we told "goodbye" to Yelagiri and returned to Bangalore.

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Source by Kiriti Chandan Chavadi

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