A short travel guide to Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is the most popular city. The city center is growing fast with the economy and newly built structures. The center's most popular tourist destination is Dataran Merdeka, where it celebrates Malaysia's Independence Day. It is a great place to visit because there are plenty of shopping centers, restaurants, bars and affordable hotels.

Where to go?

Petronas Twin Towers: Two 88-storey buildings, 452 meters tall, once the tallest building in the world. The tower is filled entirely by the Malaysian oil company, Petronas. Tower Two is mostly used by multinational companies such as Accenture, Al Jazeera, Barclays, Capital, Bloomberg and so on.

KLCC Park: This place is really good for family adventures. There is a jogging track, footpaths, a fountain and a wave pool for children.

Dewan Filharmonik – Petronas & # 39; Concert Hall. Built between the two towers, the architectural design is based on the time-consuming design of the 19th century European concert halls. The concert hall is hosted by one of the most respected music talents in the world and home to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Skybridge looks out over the city and is in the Petronas twin towers. The transfer is issued daily, but early because the lines are long.

There are a number of museums such as the National Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art. Kuala Lumpur is also a nice place for walking. Street signs are remarkably prominent and city maps can be found everywhere.

What to eat?
Malaysia is famous for its famous dishes, Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes are well represented here. Malay food is the most common cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. The overall sound is spicy with little sweetness. Herbs and spices are often used in their foods. The use of ingredients in alcohol, pork and other non-halal meat is prohibited. Try Nasi Lemak, a popular national dish consisting of white rice cooked in coconut milk, "sambal", salted anchovy or "ikan bilis" mixed chili paste. Roti Jala – This is a tea time, a kind of crepe that can replace rice in the Malay home. The dough is made from flour and eggs with a pinch of turmeric and butter, which is yellow. Satay – This is the version of the Malaysian West Kebab. The difference between kebab and satay is sweeter. This is a softened pickled meat made from a thin coconut stick. Meat can be rabbit, beef or chicken, accompanied by peanut sauce and ketupat, cooked in coconut milk.

Malaysia's climate is a tropical tropical climate with 32 degrees Celsius during the day and 22 degrees Celsius at night. Carry light, comfortable clothes to visit the spectacular city of Kuala Lumpur.

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