A Media Exposure Marketing Gold – If You Know How to Use

A Look:

  • Implicit media releases emerge from the competition.
  • This is not advertising; This creates credibility.
  • Maximize exposure by posting on your site and share it with social media.
  • A colleague who is a former journalist tells a story about a clever lawyer he knew about. He always decided if he had a particularly juicy case when had promised to name his name with the client in his story. Whether you've won the case or lost it, people remembered their name and associated with high-profile issues. He figured that if he bought his name in the paper, nothing could be advertised: credibility.

    For those who are trying to build a business, sell a product or put their books in the hands of more consumers. The tacit approval that the media asks for is what I call "marketing gold".

    Let me explain it. Thanks to the internet, you and all your competitors, big or small, get the same chance to reach your potential customers. So what makes one business, one product or book more attractive than the other one? This is the kind of approval from the media that highlights you. Let's face it – if USA Today decided to review the book or refer to an article, it would justify it to believe something special. If a doctor cited news about solutions to a given health problem – his instinct will first check him and his product because the media should look at him for an authority he quoted.

    When the media acknowledges having something important to say, they deserve credit. This is the marketing gold that I'm referring to: television and radio hosts, editorial coverage of newspapers and magazines – and now bloggers, communications sites, and social media followers. All forms of recognition give others confidence that you are as good as you say. However, this gold as a critical part of marketing is used by people to know that these posts exist.

    Return on investment is usually not immediate, which can be annoying for those who expect it The peak of business or all media outflows is the highlight of sales. This has been less common in old times – I'm already in the '90s – when a radio host's chat host can talk to you for 30 or 60 minutes, and the newspapers have twice as many pages to fill. It became obvious that when a customer's message clearly poses an urgent public concern, with its expertise and solution-oriented content, they can even reach the jackpot. From January to April, an IRS expert who talked about IRS issues or airborne hints about how to prevent IRS abuses is always to see huge leap in book sales. Or, the health expert who switched to the flu season and explained why her health program would feel faster, she would sell more tons of food.

    But old times are gone and we're here in 2012. Today's talking radio interviews are short – 7-10 minutes on major markets – and newspapers have no place for interesting stories for interesting entrepreneurs and writers. There are plenty of opportunities to capture the audience in a considerable time.

    So how do you increase your investments in PR? Marketing of media sharing is a strategy that will pay a big dividend over time – but it requires effort from you.

    • Your site must clearly show your approvals: "It's on CBS," "in the Louisville Gazette," "heard on the WFLA radio."
    • Do not forget to mention the media between Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Third party approval will help build more relationships because people like to know who the experts are and follow them.
    • Use the media you received to get more TV, radio, and print exposure. It also serves the credibility of journalists and is more likely to be interviewed when other media professionals have been involved.
    • Let your personality shine online and respond to both journalists and followers with interesting commentaries and insights – you should not buy books or products.

    Yes, it takes a job, a strong topic, and a message. But if you invest wisely, you will get rich in marketing in gold.

    Source by Marsha J Friedman

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