7 tips for Punta Cana holiday homes

Punta Cana is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean. The luxurious accommodation is ideally located in the beautiful natural surroundings. It has become very popular for a quick hot winter escape for people in Canada, Europe and the United States. Thousands of people arrive in Punta Cana when they are cold in their own country.

In the Punta Cana area, taxis have nothing to do with their specialties, but the fees may be too big. By comparison, Santo Domingo (capital of the Dominican Republic) costs $ 4-5, Punta Cana costs $ 20 to $ 40.

To avoid taxis, try to negotiate with your Airport Transfer Agent, both coming and going, getting them in the package – there are many, and if you buy, you should be able to find it. If you would like to go to a park or islands, ask the tour organizer if the cost of the trip includes the resort or hotel and will send you back – even though many of us can do this. You can rent a taxi instead of a taxi. There are a number of great names for car rentals: Avis, Budget, Eurocar, National, and Prestige. If you are serious about budgeting, you can also get to Guagua, which runs across the coast of Punta Cana and beyond. Buses run every 15 to 30 minutes. If you need to travel to Santo Domingo, make sure you are looking for Bavaro Express.

How to Find the Most Bright Beach

The Most Wanted Beaches in the Dominican Republic It seems that dusty white beaches – the whiter the better in my people's book. Tourists love the beauty of these beaches and also the silky fine sand between the toes. However, not all "Punta Cana" beaches are white.

What tourists often do not notice is that the Dominican Republic's "Punta Cana" coast is about 38-39 miles. It is the entire east coast of the Dominican Republic. The color of the sand changes significantly on this stretch. In general, you can go to the far south, the whiter the sand. The coastline of Punta Cana is pointing east. Where the arrow reaches a point to El Macao. North of this point white sand becomes more colorful. This may be very nice, but if you like pure white sand, you probably want to look for a resort in the south of El Macao or you will find a resort on the southeast coast.

How to Get Better in Customs

First let me tell you good news. Getting habits at Punta Cana airport is much easier than Santo Domingo airport or other Caribbean airports like Cancun. However, you can say that there are some simple things you can do to reduce the chance of having any habit of habits. Once you arrive in Punta Cana, you will need to get a "tourist card" that costs just $ 10 and you can get them at the airport prior to the customs union.

However, there is a line to these, so if you want to accelerate things, try to put this in the package amount to get a tourist card before you get out of the machine. Customs agents may be a little bit confusing for anything that could be interpreted as "sharp objects." Items such as knitting needles and umbrellas are considered to be "sharp objects" and can be held or even confiscated. Be sure to place this type of item in the checked packages to avoid problems. Also, make sure that all prescription drugs are clearly labeled. There is no strict tolerance for drugs in the Dominican Republic, so it does not want customs agents to give cause for concern. Another great "no-no": both coming from and coming out of some vegetable matter or animal, including coconut fiber, shells, fruits, woodcarvings, etc. Made hats too. That habits take longer than they need. There are exceptions, such as jewelery jewelry containing insects, the real concern is the insect and the spread of microorganisms across the border.

Officially, all the beaches of the Dominican Republic are public, although many resorts are ready to set up and patrols in front of the premises as if they had their own beach.

When you're walking on the beach, just know that you're allowed to walk on the beach and polite the land if someone approaches it and otherwise indicates it.

Convincing expectations and gifts to the locals

You are expected to relax waiters and waitresses. 5-10% is the norm. Pallets often get $ 1 a round, sometimes more when drinks are more complicated. Hotel travelers are often $ 2 / $ 5 a day and airport shippers $ 1 / bag. They also expect you to write tips on travel books. Guides usually take 5 days for half day excursions and 5 to 10 dollars for full day trips. Popularity is becoming increasingly popular for locals. Candy, toys and school equipment for children are very popular. Books, makeup and costume jewelery often remain. It is best to look at the guides you are traveling with and the hotel staff to determine what the most appropriate and necessary element is to bring you as a gift. Remember, this is a country that is a "third world" country with a rising economy and much need.

Finding a Resort Right for Your Needs

Satisfying different needs. Some resorts provide for families with children. Others are just "adults" and take care of couples who are looking for a childless childless romantic shelter. Many resorts in the Punta Cana area follow European customs. Some Americans like this, but some do not. If not, make sure you find a resort that provides more to American customs.

You may find a full list of all the activities in the list of resorts, as this often helps you make the decision one of which is much easier to choose from. Some resorts offer better activities for children – some are supervised and some do not. Some people offer sailing, windsurfing, surfing, dancing, scuba diving and other very desirable classes. Some engage in activities such as horseback riding and dune shields that others do not. Some resorts are better designed for people with disabilities and people with special needs.

Using Punta Cana Excursions

Most resort packages include some options for leaving excursions to the resort. Most of the most simple is this boat ride to the reef for snorkeling or a catamaran cruise on an island. However, hotel tours are almost never the way to the best adventure outside the resort. Local fishermen and other locals are often offered tourists on boats. They are really hit or miss, mostly missed. You should know that these locals are almost never licensed or bound, so if something were to happen they would have stuck.

Greater richer and more memorable experience will be when Punta Cana trips to Exquisite Tour Operators who specialize in excursions. Your trip will be much safer. Excursions with the highest recognition are those that offer environmentally-friendly adventures where you can deeply explore nature and culture with people who really care and have deep knowledge and recognition for wildlife and humans. Take at least one of these types of excursions and compare them to the resorts, and the difference will become apparent to you.

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