I'm writing this article to your lovers and friends, or rather to your friends, especially those men who are looking for partners or partners for their female friends.

If you feel that you are in close contact with a daughter and you think he is more than a friend, then you have a great opportunity to have your friendfriendfriend friendly twice.

But before you adjust your neckline, fuck your hair and make long-legged moves to your special man, it's better to judge the situation. You think you better understand that your female friend has a similar intention than you or just plays with you. So the first step in the dating rule is to judge situations, and if that goes to your advantage, you think it is fit for Second Step and the econd step is to win the female heart. The best way to do this is to congratulate your crush. Well … it seems easy, but the most important thing is how effective you are to use your articulation skills in the praise of a young lady you meet.

Today I'll tell you the most Confidential, yet delicious statements you can use for a little girl: delicious, in the sense that it will not lead to any embarrassment, yet you can leave an eternal impression on a girl's soul.

Here are the compliments that women can not withstand, and perhaps they like to hear it over and over again. "

  • Funny, "says your lover, that his entertainment was best expressed when he simply chucked at the joke (or responding to joking with emoji fun messages) but at the same time can be strengthened Say his real words (" you're just funny "or" laugh "Or" with such a high sense of humor "etc.)
  • "Beautiful eyes / lips / hair" – Women love to worship and praise. If a girl wants to know she's beautiful, she always blushes, so why not step forward. Thank you for your specialties, for example, your hair, lips, eyes, or teeth. This will cause him to pay close attention to him, though try not to focus on strange areas such as the feet or ears. Avoid supplementing the sex organs (front and bottom). You can try this in the advanced stages of dating when you fully know that woman is in you.
  • "You are good, what you are doing" – Try to figure out that your hurt is good. It may be his or her organization's abilities, design skills, accuracy, entertainment, and learning abilities. Even if he is a purity freak, do not waste a single chance for his glory.
  • "You're really a good friend" – It's all that every girl wants to hear without stumbling. So this statement is the safest, most intimate thing you can ever do to a girl. You can touch the hearts of her by simply telling her that she is trustworthy and truly cares for her friendship.
  • "It looks great today" – If you notice that your daughter is all dressed and looks nice or warmer than ever, do not hesitate to tell her. But instead of clearly saying that you look hot or sexy, try to communicate your feelings in a subtle and sophisticated way. You can say something – You look great today or you look good or that color (your dress color) like you like it.
  • "You are the one with whom I really love time" – The best way to be eternal. How you can kiss a girl you love to practice her heart and mind is to tell her the truth. So if you like your company, you must be bold and knowledgeable. You can say something like this – You are my favorite with whom I wanted to spend time or I like your company.
  • Finally, I want to say that women are like bold and confident men. Estimation is the best way for every woman to approach her confidently. Try delicious statements and first limit the compliment to your skills and abilities, and do not welcome your look and appeal. Anyway, you can make brave reports later, after being absolutely sure you're really in.

    Happy Dating!

    Source by Mariyam B Hasnain

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