5 Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothing

1. Every garment counterfeit has a low price compared to real clothing. Before buying, browse and view the usual price of designer clothing. For example, false Prada jackets sell eBay less than £ 60! These are false because the Prada coat can not be bought (either directly from Prada) anywhere for this amount. At the outrageously low price, you have to be careful.

2. When you buy a dress from a website, check the availability and contract terms. At present, all websites have full accessibility (address, phone, e-mail, etc.). If there is no contact information by filling out a form, be careful because it is difficult to track if you are dissatisfied with the goods. I would also suggest avoiding eBay because it contains many fake designer clothing on the site on the list of foreign sellers.

3. One of the greatest gifts of fake clothing, the material of the product. Almost all fakes are made of low-cost and lower quality materials than genuine designer clothing. If possible, look at the garment and if you are shopping online, look at the great photos of the product in detail. The fake designer clothing with sewing is usually of poor quality and details such as the brand name on the labels will be missed. Look at the fine details.

4. Most counterfeits are imported from cheap mass-producing countries, such as China, Thailand, Japan (mostly Asia). Try shopping directly from the UK. Although there are fake designer garments in the United Kingdom, they are less likely to become victims of illegal fake designer clothing from the United Kingdom.

5. Know your rights. In the United Kingdom, if you have unknowingly purchased garments of apparel, you have 7 days to submit the goods without penalty (full refund) through the "Distance Sellers Act". If you use a credit card, you can ask the card issuer to make a cash withdrawal as the products have not been properly described.

If you follow the above five tips, you should be able to avoid fakes, such as Common False Lacoste T-Shirts. The simplest way is to buy men's clothing where prices are the lowest in the United Kingdom, and every product is 100% authentic.

Source by Darrell Freeman

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