5 Ways to Be A Better Blogger – Even if You Hate It

So it's not good in writing – and maybe not crazy about writing – but you know how important a blog is to your online marketing strategy. If you decide on an intersection what to do, here is my advice: create your blog for you.

Here are five tips for a non-fabulous writer:

1. Make a video: Blog posts are not always primarily written. They rather attract their readers through the images to tell their story. Regardless of whether you upload a video (vlog – a video file on a blog) that you've created or embedded a video from YouTube, videos are not just engaging, but also a great medium that gives you visions and tips visually. Not to mention making yourself a video, the ultimate way to personalize your brand and connect with viewers.

When creating a Business Vlog, please note that your videos need to strengthen the brand image and not prevent it. Do not forget about the sound quality, the lighting, the design and the camera's position.

I suggest making a sketch about what you want to cover in your videos and discuss each point in chronological order. Do not simply read a script – it's not a conversation, and often makes the video worthy and does not like it. Do not forget to make a couple of different videos to make it perfect – it's better to vlog it on.

And like any other blog post, the video must provide viewers with the information they use and execute.

2. Recruit guest bloggers: Bloggers largely enjoy the guest movies as they allow them to reach a new market and build relationships with their readers and bloggers outside of their usual reader. I'm not afraid to email bloggers who give good readers information and ask them to take part in an interview or write an entry to the blog.

There is not enough script on your part with a guest post. The only writing you need to do is briefly present the guest and the interview questions – if you want to see the post in Q & A format.

3. Ask for help: If you are working with other individuals, ask if you have 2 or 3 jobs a month, this is a great way to reduce your literacy and give a more dynamic voice to your blog.

Or if you know others in the industry who can offer you a good contribution, ask if they are writing a 1-2 page article. We have found that most individuals like exposure to themselves and share their experiences. Do not be afraid to ask.

4. Creating a Photo Story: Like a video, the photo album brings an attractive feature to the blog that takes the reader's attention differently than copying. Some people are more likely to absorb and remember information when they are able to display – the illustration in the form of videos, photos or slideshows.

When creating a photo story, write short 1 to 2 sentences, personalized blur as shown in the photo and photo for the readers.

5. Sleep on it: Whether I've written a web copy, a blog post or a marketing copy, like an ezine, I always like to sleep or at least come back later in the day . Nobody stands at A-game at 24/7 because we have to face it, no one is perfect – even the best bloggers. When I release my mind after writing, I miss everything from incorrect phrasing to grammatical errors that I did not notice at first.

Source by Michelle Salater

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