5 Useful tips for desert safari

The vast areas of the desert provide a perfect tourist destination for a fun and action-packed desert safari. They include plenty of sports and adventure activities such as dune, camel riding, quad biking and sand boarding. In addition, you can experience traditional activities such as henna painting, falconry and watching local dance forms at the campsite.

The desert safari can happen during the day, but in certain periods of the year it will be very warm and the temperature can reach 55 ° C. climatic conditions are more comfortable.

However, much must be considered in the process of preparing the desert safari. Here are some tips to make the versatile experience more fun and comfortable:

Wear comfortable clothes

The desert safari's preferred outfit is casual, loose and comfortable. This probably includes clothes like cotton shirts, pants or pants. The preferred shoes are sandals, slippers or other open shoes. There will be a lot of activities that involve getting into the sand, so open shoes are important to avoid problems when sand keeps getting into the closed shoes. In addition, it will be advantageous to limit the amount of worn jewelry.

It is also worth considering travel activities when deciding on clothing. For example, if riding a camel is likely to be a big part of the tour, it may be beneficial to wear long pants for the most comfortable experience.

Observe the Instructors

The desert safari can include many rough and adventurous activities, so listening to the instructor is important. For example, the bashing activity of the dune will certainly be quite rough. If the guidelines are followed, there is no reason for everyone to remain safe and entertaining. The adventures of the steep dunes will be fun and exciting, but it is best to simply relax and let the skilled driver guide you. Packaged with the right equipment When planning a night tour, the desert temperature will be more noticeable in the evening. The sunglasses not only help prevent sunlight, but also prevent sand from entering. A sunscreen on the desert tour is an obvious element to protect the body from intense desert rays and minimize the risk of burned skin.

Choose the right time

The best time to visit the desert region is from November to March. The desert safari will be more comfortable in the winter months. The temperature will be much cooler later. You can also find a striking sunset. However, the winter months are the main tourist season, so you can expect more crowds and more competition for activities.

Pack a camera

There are plenty of picture options available in the desert safari. Despite the fact that many people think that desert and sand dunes are just a warm and barren place, there are many wonderful views of the air. In addition, it will be advantageous to pack an additional battery to provide the desired number of photos. One of the great things that you have to grab is the many different reptile and mammal species.

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