5 gift ideas for bloggers and Vloggers in your life!

Hey listen – blogging is a serious business! As literally – it is! And if you are a friend, family member, you loved one or your spouse a blogger (or vlogger / video blogger) as you know how serious it is for them! I started blogging in early 2000 while I was still in the infancy. At that time it was still a taboo, and most people kept their online hobbies down. Now we are here, a decade later, social media has taken over the Internet and blogging has become a way of life for many. As we approach the holidays, birthdays or other special occasions – we might ask ourselves – "What special gift can I give my blog in my life?" The most important gift ideas for blog fanatics have been put together!

1. Services : There are some key elements a blogger will need when deciding to introduce their website to the next level. Many will start on free platforms such as Blogger (formerly BlogSpot), WordPress.com, or Typepad, but if you're serious about getting them – a migration to a dedicated hosting (that is, an independent web site) is mandatory. Your own website is a relatively simple process – just buy your domain name from a provider like GoDaddy.com and register for a hosting service, a company like HostGator.com. You can buy domains with as low as $ 1.99 coupon codes, and hosting packages as low as $ 4.99 – $ 9.99. Give a gift for a full year of incoming service paid in advance. For less than $ 100 – the beloved is preparing for another super blogger status.

2. Website Templates and Design : After blogging your friend updated to a dedicated hosting service and your own website, you need to decide on a blog platform and start building your website. WordPress.com is the most popular CMS (Content Management System). This is a free software that can be installed by clicking on HostGator.com hosting. However, this is the most competitive platform on the web site – the "out of the box" installation comes with a standard template that is quite tedious and simple. What I personally like most about using WordPress is the ease of building a great web page. There are literally thousands of web templates available on the network, many free. Well, I'm not the one who turns your back on "free" – but when you become a reputable blogger and build your brand, it's best to go to one of the Premium WordPress themes. Premium themes can cost up to $ 25 to $ 150 – but in my opinion they spend a lot of money. You get a simple, modern web template that you can edit – and most packages provide limited (or unlimited) support. Your favorite WordPress premium templates are WooThemes and StudioPress. These hands, quality topics and support go-to sites

3. Features : As a blogger, I know there are a lot of boring tasks to do from the back if You really want to successfully choose your own blog. Some of these tasks include the Facebook Fan page management, the creation of links, banners or logos, and the deployment of the social network. The secular, as they are, are key to the success of the website. I like outsourcing a multitude of tasks – so I release my time to other things (like real blogging!). My favorite outsourcing site is Odesk.com – I'm able to hire employees to do just $ 2 per hour (yes, that's right!). If there is something to be done and outsourced – Odesk.com is the best place to find quality, pre-examined talents who are competitive and ready to work.

4. Organization : An organized work area is essential for successful bloggers. Like the office space, the site owner needs to store important books, objects, drives, and quiet workplaces. If your bedroom is turned into a blog center – it is a good time to devote part of the house to online hobbies. If you have an extra room – spring the high quality desk and chair. The desktop should provide enough space for multiple computers and / or computer screens, as well as printers, scanners, and hard drives. If you press space, you can choose a mobile table, such as the FoldAndStow mobile table from StacksAndStacks.com.

5. Gadgets : When making a brief, informal survey – there was an item every blogger chose for their holiday list of wishes and it was a new laptop! We are not casual web surfers, there are times when I can work on my laptop, searching, writing, editing photos, or general web site maintenance. Because of this, the dedicated blogger's computer is going through a larger than average wear. We need computers that are full of space, wireless capabilities, easy portability, and multimedia friendliness.

Of course, you can always get to the top of the line, the liked shape of the Macbook Pro. There is a little learning curve for Apple products. The Macbook Pro will work between $ 1999 and $ 2500, but it's about security, durability, and all the bells and slides. Generally speaking, Macs are long, though they pay more on the front – you can save a ton over the years.

If your Mac is not in question, you can look for a portable laptop – with a slim, lightweight, decent sized hard drive. Netbooks are affordable, elegant and effective, and balance between mobility and performance. I also find that traditional notebooks are an excellent alternative to Macbooks. I would recommend the Sony Vaio laptop (notebook) above anything else.

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